At time was spent, to my parent’s

At a very young age, I was deeply fascinated with how things work. I would spend endless hours wondering about how electric devices function. Much time was spent, to my parent’s discontent, taking electrical devices apart and reassembling them to satisfy my curiosity. I realized that I was not merely fascinated by the outer appearance of these machines, but by how well they achieved their functions.

As the years progressed, whenever I had free time, I would bury my nose reading about all the universally respected gurus in this field. Some, among many, included  Charles Frederick Burgess, Edwin Howard Armstrong , John Bardeen, Martin Cooper, left a profound mark  on me,  and since then, have guided me to come to the realization that the only degree for me to pursue would be in Engineering.My interest in engineering has intensified as my respect for this noble interdisciplinary   field developed; with time, I began to recognize that engineers mold and shape ourworld as they are the face of change which enhance any technological advancement that surround us.

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Moreover, since there is such a great demand for the continuousupgrading in the quality of technological services, my resolve to become an engineer has strengthened. Recognizing my keen eye for detail along with my profound interest in Mathematics and the Sciences, along with my enthusiasm with the inestimable development and functionality of devices, has left me feeling the need to be an integral participant in this field and therefore, I am certain that I have the capacity to excel.Once my mind was set on pursuing a degree in Engineering, I exerted much of my time and effort on Mathematics and Physics in school. Believing these subjects would serve me well in my future academic endeavors, I completed physics higher and Mathematics at a standard level. Both of which have prominently aided me to surpass my problem solving skills and provided me with needed in-depth data knowledge.

In addition, the abovementioned subjects boosted my capacity to think logically and deal with diverse problems. Furthermore, I did not ignore the importance of studying Chemistry in high school, which in turn, served me well, as it enhanced both my research and analytical skills.Although much of my time was spent turning an endless amount of pages as an IB student, nevertheless, being a well-rounded individual with worthy time management skills, I didn’t fail to ignore the importance to maintain a balanced active social life. I enjoyed being on the school volleyball team. This experience enabled me to develop team spirit, communication and leadership skills while all along enjoying grounding a ball on my opponent’s court! I also participated in Model United Nation’s conferences which, reflecting back, have developed my debate and thinking skills along with the experience of interacting with people from various backgrounds, age and social groups.

 Furthermore, to put theory into practice, I spent the summer of 2017 as an intern for a prestigious company specialized in electrical engineering in Jordan. My experience as an engineer, in the making, that summer equipped me with the necessary skills of application and deep understanding of the field and led me to believe all the more in my decision to become an engineer..Engineers have transformed the world, as we know it, with their continuous contributions to the development of technology and thus the overall improvement to the quality of our daily lives. Their creations provide us with a healthier greener environment, an improved means of communication and new inventions that we thought were a fragment of our imagination ,and that is mentioning only a few. Since most of our daily reliance depends on engineers and the outcome of their skilled manifestations, it would be a great honor to serve on the faculty of Engineering at your respected university.



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