Assisted Living Facility Essay

Assisted living Facility When I was younger I visited my mom’s job with her because she needed to pick up her pay check.

She worked at a nursing home. When my mom and I first walked through the hhhuuuge entrance the first thing I noticed was the smell. It was horrible; a mix of old people,dinner, and dirty diapers. When mom left to go get her check I went to sit in the front room with some of the old women that lived there. They were all really old and had so many wrinkles it looked like someone had balled up a piece of paper, and then tried to resmooth it. One of the women offered me dinner, but I said “No, thanks”.The food looked like a meat surprise and baby food.

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Yuck! I had to wait about fifteen minutes for mom to come back. It was so boring. All the old people did was nap, and rock in rocking chairs, and play old timey games like chess. I was so relieved when mom finally came out of the office and we left. As we drove away, I thought to myself, ‘I hope when I’m old, my family doesn’t put me in a nursing home. It’s a horrible place to live! ’ When many people think of a nursing home, their first thoughts are normally of helpless, cranky, old people; bland food; and an impersonal nursing staff.They, like my six-year-old self, believe that a nursing home is an abysmal place that people get sent off to when they grow too old to care for themselves, and their family either cannot or will not look after them.

There is also the misconception that the only residents of nursing homes are invalids and the elderly. In fact, at my mom’s current job she had a client in his late forties. His entire body is paralyzed because of a spinal injury he sustained from a motorcycling accident. His wife is not able to give him the care he needs so she put him into an assisted living facility so he can get the attention he needs.Many people do not know what an assisted living facility is. It is commonly referred to as a nursing home when, in fact, there is a big difference between the two.

A nursing home has total care, consisting from and Alzheimer’s unit to a lockdown procedure. At a nursing home residents are not allowed to leave the premises unless a family member signs them out. Also, many people living in a nursing home are deranged, and may believe that they are someone, or somewhere else. They can be a danger to themselves and others, so the nursing home puts them in a special hall called the Alzheimer’s unit.In many peoples opinion, when compared to a nursing home, an assisted living facility is a better place to end up. There is more dignity in an assisted living facility because the residents can come and go as the please; the food choices are better because the residents can choose the low –sodium meals provided, or the normal meals; and many of the residents do not need complete care, but instead just help with certain aspects of their daily life that they may not be able to do as well now as they did before-such as bathing or moving about in a wheel chair.Another fun perk to living in an assisted living facility is the activities the residents are allowed to participate it. Since all people living in the facility re mentally healthy, they can take part in activities that a nursing home is not allowed to do.

My mom takes my little sisters to her job at an assisted living facilty, and all three of them love going because the get to take part in ‘pimp my nails’;one of the fun activities the residents have. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are different because in one you get the freedom to live. I have learned now not to judge elderly and how they live.


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