As pulled out his magnifying glass and

As a guard at the finest hotel in San Diego it was my duty to patrol the hallways and make sure everyone was accounted for. I was doing my nightly rounds, checking on all of the guests when I heard a blood curdling scream from down the hall, it was coming from room 1001, occupied by a lady named Kary.

Kary had come in a few nights ago asking for our most protected room and said she would not be coming out of the room for a few days, so she said to leave all her food outside the door and she would retrieve it, she also advised everyone not to tell anyone she was here and not to come into her room under any circumstance. When she said all these things we were very suspicious but we didn’t say anything.I heard another cry and I knew I had to go in, I tried opening the door from its handle but it was locked. I put all my weight on the door and smashed into it with full force and the door flung open. When I looked inside there was no one there, I searched the whole room and outside the window but she was nowhere to be found.

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Just before I went running downstairs I found a small note with a bright red sticker on the front, I opened the letter and there was a note inside. It was addressed to Lady Kary, It read: Surrender the money or never see the light of day again. At the bottom it was signed Arnold J Stine, there was also an address at the bottom, it was 349 Edwards street, that address was right around the corner.

I read this letter a few more times becoming more confused every time.I ran downstairs and called the best detective in San Diego, Sam Spade. The detective arrived in a sleek black car smoking a cigarette, he walked into the hotel as if he was a normal guest. He asked if Lady Kary had checked into the hotel, we said we couldn’t tell him just as she advised us too. Then he asked if he could see me, I took him up to her room and he pulled out his magnifying glass and check every inch of the room. He then checked the window and noticed that it had been pried open from the outside, He also noticed there was a large briefcase that had been hidden underneath the bed. He pulled it out and it had a large lock on it, he then pulled out a knife from his pocket and started fiddling it around in the lock until we head a click. Sam then slowly opened the case to find thousands of dollars inside, he asked if we knew anything about the larger sum of money but we had no idea, I then pulled the letter out of my pocket and showed it to him.

I suspected this must be the money that this Arnold must be talking about, he said they would campout under the bed in the room because he thought he would come back to get the money. Later on that night we crawled underneath the bed along with the case and carefully waited. A few hours later we had not seen or heard anything we were about to leave when we heard the handle on the door jiggle. A few moments later the door swung open, A tall figure holding a gun in one hand and a knife in the other entered the room. He marched around turning over tables and chairs looking for the case, he then came by the bed and looked underneath. He immediately saw us But we pounced at just the right time.

We took away his weapons and tied him to a chair.  We then turned on the lights to find Arnold, We questioned him for several minutes and we finally found out that he is Kary’s younger brother, he wanted revenge after his mother and father died and gave her all the money. I felt that it was unfair and he deserved at least half of it, he tried reasoning with her but she wouldn’t listen. We then later found out that he had scared Kary out of the Hotel room and she jumped out of the window and ran home, he tried chasing her but he noticed she didn’t have the case and she must have left it in the hotel room. So he came back just to find the money and didn’t mean on hurting anyone.

A while later we managed to call her and explain everything that had happened and told her to return to the hotel. He arrived several minutes later and retrieved her items, we then got the police to pick Arnold and the hotel returned back to normal.


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