As one, Winston started writing his thoughts

As stated in the novel (1949)  the use of technology is an important tool used by the Party to have control over the citizens (Orwell).

The Party would mainly use telescreens, which are used to detect instances of rebellion. With that said, the telescreens are placed all over the town to monitor the citizens physically and verbally. For example, in chapter one, Winston started writing his thoughts and memories in his diary and made a wise choice to keep his back to the telescreen to avoid getting caught (1949, Orwell p.3). He did this because he knew that if he got caught he would encounter harsh and violent consequences. This resembles today’s use of social media in which the government monitors so they can detect any future problems and become proactive in response. According to Social Media and Government Surveillance (2017), there are many ways the government can use the media to analyse the “big data” from gathering information on the web. The operating system is not only used to detect keywords but to help coordinate a location from which social media posts are anticipated, the identity of associations, monitor events and establish someone’s potential for violence (Social Media Monitoring Software, Scott, p.

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152). All things considered, if the government detects any type of action that could affect anyone else violently, they will track you down. Majority of cellular devices requires International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) which is a rare serial number to differentiate all cell phones around the world and that helps the government track you.Secondly, the telescreens cannot be turned off by anyone but an Inner Party member.

Inner Party members are the highest social class of Oceania, they receive special privileges because they’re loyal to the government and support all their decisions. With that said, they manage and control the citizens and in exchange they inherit more privacy and freedom than any Outer Party member. “You can turn it off!” he said. “Yes,” said O’Brien, “we can turn it off. We have that privilege” (1984, Orwell p.169). Furthermore, the Inner Party mainly consists of intelligent people who do the majority of the work for the government.

This compares to the government authorities in the 21st century who are in overall responsibility of social media and have a huge impact in which they can turn it off or utilizes the information whenever they please. Nowadays everything is broadcasted throughout social media in which information can be easily found by a single search. According to ‘The statistics portable’ (2017) estimated amount of people who use social media is 1.96 billion( . With that said, the media is the first source anyone would use to find information on something or someone.  In conclusion, the use of technology from ‘1984’ compared to modern day would symbolise surveillance which consequently results in public scrutiny.

This comparaison is an example of how our society is constructed and controlled by the government. This proves that we don’t get as much freedom as we’re told. Furthermore, this analogy is very similar from both times and proves my theory that privacy in their near future and our near past has disappeared.


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