As not see their loved ones again.

As the United States developed from the small colonies it used to be to what it is now, it has seen so much as a society.       Thesis:Bodyi.

Main point 1 (Technology)a)support ( When the english were moving to the U.S. the tech they used made different cultures closer, and gave the first colonies a sense of freedom) (Boats)When the early colonists came to the New World on boats this form of technology changed the early society of the colonists.

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They gave the people a mindset of independence, and freedom. This was because they were going away from the church of England whose values the puritans did not agree with. As one traces back to the period of slavery when the colonists brought african slaves using the boat, this had a huge impact on the society of the North american people. The people started to see slaves not as people but as property. One can see this supported in the work called Human cattle for sale, by Solomon Northrup. In this passage the main character says the slaves were treated like cattle. They were touched and inspected the way an animal would be.

Also they were told to perform acts of athleticism to show the buyers their ability. Most of all if a family was separated the slave owners would not allow the other members of the family to grief over the loss of their loved ones. The owners would not see that these were humans and they were very torn because there was a high possibility that they would not see their loved ones again.

The society at that time thought very lowly of slaves. To them slaves were a mean to make money and get things, done they were not humans.       b)support (Industrial revolution) As people started to get into factory jobs during the industrial revolution, and there was a huge push for more exports and less imports. These things caused for the U.S. to have a huge shift as a society.

This caused for the U.S. to have a gap between the rich and the poor. Also the U.S.

started to have a more diverse economy with changed many families forever. These especially middle and lower class families felt they could improve their situations by hard work. They worked long hours to try to chace the newly forming idea of manifest destiny. c)support (Printing Press)As the printing press was in its most efficient form, it was able to make information widely available to everyone of all classes. What the printing press was able to do made americans as a society, was make them more interested in things like politics. They felt like they had more of a voice due to having people publishing things supporting their views.   d)support (Electricity)ii.Main point 2 (Markets)a)support  (The triangular trade) b)support ( Trade with the native americans during colonial times)c)support (The great depression affected them negatively)Iii.

Main Point 3 (Transport)a)support (When trains were used to transport people to far of places/how trains made north america smaller)b)support ( How the car at first was a social status symbol/ the invention of the car)c)support ( How transport has made the U.S. have such a good economy, which has made the U.S. a fast growing society that is always on the move to go bigger, and get there faster)3.

Conclusion We can see from these areas of  transport, markets, and technology, the United States, has been heavily affected by them. All of these have shaped and are still shaping the society of the U.S.



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