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Aswe delve into the topic of the Middle East, we come across the shared culinaryheritage of the Turkish manti and halloumi. Manti is a popular Turkic dumplingthat have traces from central China. Also, halloumi is a semi-hard cheese thatis unripen and brined from goat’s and sheep’s milk. We will look upon how mantiand halloumi was derived from and what the nutritional value of it is.             Manti, the Turkish dumpling can beseen with similarities with other dumplings across Eurasia.

Though it hasdifferent names, the size and shape can be parallel in regards to techniques,fillings, and seasonings. Its ancient origin comes from the diversity of theSilk Road. It is thought that nomadic Turkish tribes, the Uyghurs, had broughtmantu from China to Anatolia where it evolved to be today’s manti. Horsemenwould carry dried or frozen manti on their journey and boil it in their camp. InTurkish perspective, the manti is a generic term for any stuffed dumpling butthe word itself holds no meaning. However, Etymology references have concludedthe word manti has derived from “man tou,” a Chinese dumpling.             Halloumi cheese was originated inthe republic of Cyprus.

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Some suggestions of the halloumi’s origin were tracedto the Bedouin tribes. Its preservation was highly appropriate for thelifestyle at that time. It was regarded as peasant meal because it was a sourceof protein for farmers.  Furthermore, the manti and the grilled halloumi cheese includeslots of nutrient. First of all, the manti includes carbohydrate, protein,vitamin, fat and others. It includes carbohydrate more than other nutrientsbecause of the dough.

People can make diverse version of manti, because thefilling of manti can be changed a lot of ways and ingredients. Secondly, thedish grilled halloumi cheese has calcium, protein, vitamin and etc. Usuallyhalloumi cheese made from a mixture of the milk of a goat and sheep, so itincludes more protein and calcium than other cheese. (Harbutt) The halloumicheese texture is like firm fish or a meat, so people can eat the cheese liketheir meal.

Moreover, people can match the grilled halloumi cheese with otherdressing or food. The cheese will make balance the protein of the dish andother nutrition. As a result, the manti with grilled halloumi cheese is perfectcombination not only for the nutrition but also for the flavor and texture.In conclusion, manti and halloumi cheese holds a tale of heritageand is seen well as a nutritional diet. Dumplings and cheese hold centuries ofhistory. It was recorded as a means to survival to what is commonly eaten as acomfort food today.

The manti with grilled halloumi cheese dish can be apopular food in Asian cuisine. This is because, the middle east food, manti andhalloumi cheese is not only convenient food but also nutritional items. 


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