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As helped the women whenever needed. I

As a child, have you ever thought that you would wake up
and would not see your mother next to you? Probably not, and for some people,
it may be a nightmare, but I have grown up with such experience. My mother,
only a trained midwife in our village, helped the women whenever needed. I have
seen her inspiration and motivation fading away when she was not able to solve
pregnancy complications. I have not only listened to her experiences but also I
have lived those moments experiencing from her sparkling eyes. I cherished a
mammoth dream to serve rural helpless people who were suffering from brutal
claw of diseases at the wee hours of my early adolescent and I am still with my

My three-year practical experience as a physician,
researcher, trainer and leader has ushered the golden stage of my career. After
achieving membership of Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council in 2015, I
started working as Study Physician in Sepsis Implementation Research project to
implement its national guidelines of management of infections in young infants
at International Center for Maternal & Newborn Health in Johns Hopkins
University. The center has conducted more than 20 studies in South Asia and
Sub-Saharan Africa. The research findings are translated into global and
country-specific policies by working with global partners and with in-country
policymakers. These are being implemented at scale, and have the potential to
save the lives of more than a billion babies every year. The Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School has advanced education, research and practice to find
solutions to public health problems around the world. I had the experience of
working at Bangladesh office of Johns Hopkins University for nine months. I
worked there both with the international delegation and with field staff. As
Study Physician, my duties were to coordinate with stakeholders, lead the field
team and prepare an action plan to evaluate study indicators within the time
frame. I had to assist Study Manager to develop qualitative and quantitative
research questionnaire, supervise qualitative team to organize FGDs and collect
qualitative and quantitative data as per plan.

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In 2016, I worked as a District Trainer at Competency
Based Training (CBT) in Nutrition in the Department of Epidemiology &
Biostatistics of Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH). ICMH is a
national level government research institute in Bangladesh. This is working for
the improvement of health and nutrition of children and mothers through its
three objectives of human resource development, conduct research and patient
care since 1992. The Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics has been
conducting problem-oriented research and programmes to improve the nutritional
status of children and mothers. It also organizes training and short courses to
enhance the research capacities of the health personnel. They jointly conduct most
of the programmes with Institute of Public Health Nutrition and UNICEF. CBT in
Nutrition was a programme of UNICEF where ICMH acted a government partner. The
programme’s aim was to strengthen government health staff’s capacity in
nutrition through a comprehensive capacity building initiative in 23 districts
of Bangladesh. Over 10-month programme, as a District Trainer, I had to attend
the planning meeting for the implementation of Competency Based Training in
consultation with the respective district authority, train different categories
of health workers, supervisors and managers in an assigned district, develop a
training data management and reporting system and provide skill assessment
reports. I trained 655 health staff about Nutrition. From May 2017, I have been
working as Emergency Nutrition Support Officer in Rohingya Refugee Camp,
Bangladesh to improve child nutrition. I have to mobilize and manage the team
for an assigned site, manage quality control of screening of children who have
Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM), manage
quality control of data recording and compilation. At the same time, I ensure
effective referred SAM/MAM children. Throughout my professional life, I have
felt the importance of MPH for my future career.

I am interested in studying at the University of Leeds
because I believe it would enhance my qualification as a public health expert at
a higher level. I have reviewed the course curriculum of Master of Public
Health. All compulsory modules complement my public health experience and will
provide key skills and knowledge in a broad range of public health practice.
This school has a wide range of optional modules. I would study my expected
areas such as Health Systems Development for Primary Health Care, Implications
of Conflicts and Emergencies on Health and Healthcare Systems, International Health
Policy. Studying in this course, I want to gain skills and knowledge about
writing project proposal and research proposal, techniques of health planning,
programmes monitoring and evaluation, develop appropriate research
methodologies, quantitative and qualitative methods and questionnaire design.
Another reason to choose is its international aspect. The entire programme will
be vital for my future career as a public health expert and my expertise may
allow me to incorporate the UK patterns of public health in Bangladesh.

I believe and I am confident that my academic record,
experience, professional goals, and my enthusiasm make me a strong candidate
for this programme. Your consideration will provide me a unique opportunity to
learn and to serve my country.