As Good as It Gets Critic Essay

This movie presents all the elements of an award wining motion picture. It shows the best out of comedy, romance, drama, sarcasm, love, hate, and life changing experiences. We have characters like Mr. Melvin Udall, Carol Connelly, and Simon Bishop are so real, just like you and me. There is people out there just like them, they did not over acted what made the movie a more realistic experience out of the ordinary. The story develops in New York city with this old man who is also a writer, that suffers Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and added to his cranky personality makes him a unique person, Mr.Melvin Udall, who lives in an apartment.

His neighbor is gay, Simon Bishop, who owns a dog named Verdell. After a few happenings Simon gets involved with some guys that posed naked for him, he was an artist, and they play it bad on him braking into his house and stealing from him and on top of that, the beat him almost to death, his critical condition made him stayed on the hospital for a few weeks and Mr. Udall is forced to stay taking care of the dog, which he hated to death.

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One thing led to the other and he started liking the dog, so much that he got all sad when Simon got back home and ask for the dog back.Mr. Udall had been going to have a meal every day at this restaurant where Carol Connelly was the waitress. He always wanted her attention and when he finally got it he messed it up. Simon being tided up with money, is forced to go on a road trip to visit his parents to ask them for money and Melvin and Carol come along. Changing life trip, Carol goes out with Melvin to celebrate that her kid, who was always sick, was feeling a lot better and playing soccer outside with his friends.

While having a conversation Carol asked Melvin to compliment er and after a first failed try, he told her that she made want to be a better man and its then when things start to build up between then, at the end of the trip Simon ends up moving in with Melvin and Vermell and Carol and Melvin start going out late at nigh for an early breakfast at 4 in the morning. It was a great movie. It teaches you little lessons that will make you a better person. This movie takes the best of reality and Fantasy and combines them into one delightful couple of hours love story that will make you change the way you see people and like they say “do not critique a book for its cover”.


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