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As we are living in the virtual era in the world now life is easier. It has become for modern technology in our daily life. As a digital human, you can enjoy your life through smart technology.  There are lots of application in our nearby hand one of them is Samsung TV remote apps download version. This totally free, you can control your Samsung TV by this virtual remote. For using this app remote you must need to have Android mobile and tablet. This remote APK allow on your device is on the same internet network as your Television and you allow the notice that appears in your HDTV.

Since, this app works by the same Wi-Fi network. This is not urgent to be near to the television. Unfortunately, you used to wrong the confirmation message of your HDT.  However, it is easy to repair confirmation setting options, for that, you have go Menu>Network> and ALLShare options that enough, but keep and mind be careful representation control time.

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all function is user friendly on the real remote. Samsung TV remote apps download Features:Before using smart tv app, we should know about this Features. So let’s dive into that.

The remote app android works on the following free tv-  At least C Series<2010> with Internet- D Series<2011> with all share- E Groups<2010> with all share- Series F <2013> with ALL Share. No more talk let’s see that.·      With many layouts in Samsung TV Remote.·      Allow Android wear.·      Share Media by DLNA.·      Intelligent Notify.

·      With silent NotifyLet’s know about Details:·       With Samsung TV Remote: clean and simple layout.·       Allow Android Wear: Easily lead the TV from Wear.·       Added Mediashare: Share from your smartphone phots, videos, and music to your Samsung HDTV by DLNA.·       With smartnotify:  allow on your phone screen notification an outgoing and incoming call or message on your device.·       Included silentNotify: see on TV notices when your mobile is in silent mode.How to set up Android TV Remote:At first, you have to make sure that your phone and your TV is connected by the similar Wireless Network.

It is ok, then ensure and see that options your Network Remote options are enabled on your HDTV.Which version is allowed Samsung smartTVs:Recently only the according to Samsung latest TV versions are allowed by the application:1.   Samsung TVs announced in 2010 going model number huge to LCD C650, PDP 6500, and LED C65002.   Also Samsung TVs announced in 2011 going model number huge to LCD D550, PDP 5500 and LED D5500.Important Note:·       If you face any problem or rejected the reduce process on the TV, you have enable the remote. Go TVs, tap one the

Setting> Wireless Controller> and uninstall the smart TV Net Connection Remote item. After restore the app, manually the tv will quick angina for the installing process.·       If also, you can’t see your tv on the device selection screen, but your television is allowed, to solve this problem re-run and refresh the app already this application will run on the screen.More information:Install and Downloads: Over 1000kLatest update: tvremotesamsung_7Category type: tools Last update: 2017/10/07Minimum requirement: 15MD5: 1a3bcc093bb27e8590ed206f977f513bName of package: By: SossiAppStudioNote: This tool is not developed by official Samsung or Samsung affiliate manufacture.


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