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As Vincent Van Gogh once said “Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” Entering high school, I realized that I wanted to pursue a higher education and career in design, particularly in architecture. No one ever wanted to be an architect nor highlighted art or design where I grew up.

But, architecture and design have been present my entire life. I recall that it was the ensemble of a room; its simplicity, utility, comfort, and design, that spoke to me. But visiting my dad’s contracting sites and traveling to different countries and cities  such as France, Italy, London, and Spain where; I was constantly surrounded by buildings of different styles and design, has immensely influenced my interest in design. In the winter of 2017, I visited Parsons The New School of Design with my twin brother and had a tour of the campus.

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After the information session, I went to Greenwich Village and had the best avocado toast and yogurt granola ever. But that is not why I want to study at Parsons The New School of Design. This tour made me even more passionate about design and architecture by seeing all of the hardworking students in the same or similar education I would like to have. I felt excited and inclined about becoming an upcoming university student, especially at Parsons.  When applying to universities such as Parsons The New School of Design, I honed in particularly on intimate class environments, the way they challenge their students, opportunities to be had, and diversity, all of which Parsons offers to their students. A small student to staff ratio is important to me because I believe they are critical in fostering close interaction with professors and interdisciplinary collaboration with peers.

Whereas a larger class environment is reductive to this experience, Parsons provides an intimate learning environment with its small yet sensible student to staff ratio, where students, like myself,will have the chance to be comfortable yet still challenged. I will be able to grow relationships within the class. This is critical to me because it makes college much more personal, in a way where students and teachers can share two way dialogue which inclines students, like myself, to engage and learn much more in class.

I know that growing a relationship with professors at Parsons especially, is advantageous to students because they are experts in their respective profession. I think this alone can open many doors for collaboration and different opportunities to be had for both professors and students. When I toured Parsons, I was enthralled by the innumerable resources Parsons offers to its students and the fact that one building is dedicated to these accessible resources. Going to Parsons, I will have access to extensive studio facilities such design libraries, computer labs and other facilities accessible to students. When I visited, I was intrigued and inspired by the atelier like atmosphere in these studios, seeing everyone work so hard. I believe the resources and studios like the ones at Parsons will challenge myself with the infinite possibilities with Parsons’ create centers and will further push me to go above and beyond with my creativity and work as an artist. Because Parsons is located in such a diverse and rich city, its student body makeup reflects that.

I would like to study at a university and in a city that promote an environment of diversity and acceptance. Along with learning in a class, learning also occurs from others of different color, orientation, race, and gender. I know I am a good fit for Parsons because of the atmosphere and attitudes of the studios, class environments, and the students collectively are exactly parallel to myself.

I am excited about my future in a design school and can not wait to see how I grow as an artist and as a person. 


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