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As the famous quote goes, “A Resume will seldom get you a job offer. A Resume will often lose you a job offer”A good, ideal & suitable Resume/CV is a highly-essential career tool in the current scenario to bag any job across diversified industries. Especially in the blue-collar segment, an accurate resume will earn you a clear advantage over your peers and aid in creating a positive first impression with the employer/job-recruiter.Though potential blue-collar employers don’t require a resume nor demand for it, sending a copy of resume via email, post or in person, will clearly put you ahead in the interview race.

And when it comes to custom white-collar jobs, the value of resumes and cover letters is known to all educated jobseekers.Spearheaded by a group of expert content professionals from various industry verticals, carefully crafts your career story into a write-up to target the desired job. We know exactly what employers look for in a resume/CV and we effectively do that. 7 Exclusive Tips for Preparing a Killer Resume/Curriculum Vitae1)    Pick The Right Resume FormatBrowsing the internet will get you plenty of basic resume samples & templates for all types of job positions. Depending on your professional circumstances, pick out the one that’s best fit for your work experience, skills set, desired post & education background. Customise the resume as much as you can, as it’s well worth the effort and keep updating it constantly, though you’ve already got a job.

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2)    Try To Be Consistent On Font & SizeFor a professional write-up, avoid the fancy-typed layout, font and other special effects or characters. Stick to the traditional font of Times New Roman with 9-12 font size, mostly black-coloured on white background. Trying out different for resume titles, headlines, company names is ok, but it’s advisable to go easy with boldface text, italics and underlining in the document.3)    Replace Objective/Profile With Career SummaryDespite suggestions to get rid of objective/profile in a resume/CV, most Indian job-seekers include that at the top.

Replace that section with “Career Summary” and tailor the content to match the job you’re applying for. The lines should attract the employer instantly and make sure that the content is precise; also use the related terminology. Sum up your entire professional career in not more than 3-4 lines.

4)    List Out The Technical Skills And ProficienciesHighlight all the technical platforms & tools that you’re proficient in, and be as much specific and comprehensive as possible. Reveal your expertise in all mediums including social media, digital marketing, project management system, computer languages, etc. Even, mention your work on proprietary platforms too.5)    Include Appropriate Keywords & Matching SkillsThe resume/CV should be in such a way that it possesses keywords that appear in the job description. This strategy gives your resume an outright edge in all job portals and lands you in the interview room without much difficultly. Insert the same keywords in the cover letter as well.

Also, mention all the matching skills that the job requires in the resume/CV.6)    Always Write In A Reverse Chronological OrderAlways list your present or the most recent job first, and then go backwards. Mention the profile of the company in short & precisely write your work profile in the form of bullet points. List out your positions and achievements clearly; try to mostly begin with verbs. “Managed social media marketing, content, SEO, etc.” for example.7)    Email Your Resume EffectivelyOnce you’re done with the above, follow the employer’s instructions on how to submit the cover letter and resume to the concerned mail-id.

While most employers prefer attached resumes in word document format, some of them ask for a PDF version.Why late? Follow the above tips or use our exclusive resume-writing services to own a good resume in the current job market. “YOUR FUTURE IS CREATED BY WHAT YOU DO TODAY,NOT TOMORROW OR AFTER”CAREER ADVICEThe recognition of Blue-Collar jobs (mostly known as the informal job sector) has taken a revolutionary curve in the recent years, thanks to the striking demand for working class across various industries in modern India.Regardless of what duty your blue-collar job entails, being able to make connections, build communication and leverage contacts are the most critical components to make a successful career.Apart from being an exclusive job portal for blue-collar jobs; Myjobsbank.

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