Article Review: 6 Ways to Save Water in 2007 Essay

Article Review: 6 Ways to Save Water in 2007            In the article, the author Ray Dobson gave tips to save water. In fact, he even incorporated the result of the tips as seen after paying the water bill. Indeed, all of us used water on our day-to-day basis of living. Without water I wonder what will it be.

But because of its availability we forget its importance. Dobson gave 6 simple ways to save and conserve water. These tips and ways were useful and can simply be implemented in our own houses, in our own selves. The first can be summarized simply into use water wisely. Dobson elaborated that when washing dishes, brushing teeth, shaving and washing hands never to run the water constantly but instead turn on the faucet only when needed. In washing vegetables and fruits, he advised to fill a bowl half-full for rinsing. He even advised to fill a pitcher and placed it in a fridge than run the water in a faucet and wait till it gets cold. Second is “Take more showers”.

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In taking a shower, according to Dobson, 10 to 15 gallons of water per minute will be saved than filling a bathtub for bathing. Third, “Don’t wash small loads”. He advised to wash clothes in full load and in shortest cycle of the machine to save as much as 1000 gallons of water in one month. Fourth, “Buy water-saving appliances”.

Simply buy the most water-efficient appliances. Fifth, “Check for leaky toilets”.Dobson said that fixing the flush valve and not throwing toilet papers and other garbage in the toilet bowl would save gallons of water each year. Lastly, “Water at right times”.  He advised to water the plants before 7 A.M or after 5 P.M. Since according to him, it will keep the water from evaporating before it soaks into the soil.

He advised to place the sprinklers away from the sidewalks or paved driveways. Also, to place barrels on the roof gutters to catch rain water which will be used to water the plants. According to him, once these water-saving tips get into a habit will surprisingly become a simple task and will go unnoticed unless seen through the water bill.


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