Art Goes further than its representation Essay

Michelangelo Pistoletto, and “The Etruscan” 1976. Roxy Paine, and “conjoined “ 2007. Bill V iola, and “The Greeting” 1995.

Anselm Kiefer, Buch mit Flugeln the (Book with Wings), 1992 and The Ash Flower(1984). The Etruscan is a great work of art. The style of this piece is widely recognized and in many ways is a symbol of power, ingenuity and social lifestyle that was very present in the history of the Greeks and romans. When you approach it in its secluded area to the right of the ticket booth you notice statue is positioned right in front of a large, square, glass mirror.The statue in front of the mirror gives it the sense of past, present and future.

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When looking at it from behind you also notice it toga, and how gentle and light it appears to be. Despite the statue being made of complete bronze, it still retained the appearance of being an actual toga. The illusionistic texture is what gives this statue a “breath of life”. The Works meaning seems as if it is that of a reflection on the statue itself.

The presence of time and the longing to look at one’s self is indicated in this work. Conjoined is quite the mystical and puzzling piece at the museum.It is Located in the back yard area. I viewed it from the same place as the Etruscan. This art is two trees about 35 yards away from each other with their branches stretching out to one another and becoming conjoined.

The texture I thought was perfect. You have two trees, a symbol of age. Age in a sense that, trees live on and on through ages just like metal does and it takes a whole lot to bring down either one of them. Our culture is so obsessed with the invention or addition of something new.

Something to replace your old this or that but these trees bring us to think, why do we not look for something that will last?Not only does nature fulfill so many needed necessities but it will last and so far has stood the test of time many more times than any technological thing humans can craft. The Greeting is a video image sequence involving the interactions between three women that are projected onto a screen mounted to the wall of a dark room. This piece is located on the first floor near the back to the left of a quite interesting art piece of a ladder suspended in air that continues to get smaller as you cast your eyes towards the top. The greeting really breaks the border between photography and painting. His technique of illusion is crafty.John Haber says, “Bill Viola makes illusions but does not believe in them. He uses modern methods of media production such as large-scale projection, slow motion, precise sound editing, or looping.

Viola’s goal is to externalize the internal realm of the viewer’s unconscious, giving way for the contemplation of what viola sees as the common, mysterious realities that ground religious traditions. This video that was made out of likeness to “the visitation’’ is clear and concise about the thoughts that viola has. “There were three women at the corner across the street and it was very windy” –violaBook of wings in my mind a sad piece of art. Is a sculpture that is a huge lead book on a pedestal with feathered wings of an astounding wingspan. It is significant that he chooses a lead funnel.

It was intentional that he uses lead for it keeps it bound to earth however the wings give it a hope for transformation. This piece is very original for it is dangerous and lethal to work with lead. The artist recognizes the importance of transcendence in this “leaden age” The mass of it and the volume of its surrounding space is another representation of the importance of realizing the age in which you live and how far that it still has to go.The Ash Flower was a particular favorite of mine, located to the left of the book of wings which is quite close to an interesting piece of a black tarrish looking art piece in the corner.

This picture is vast in size and in detail. This is a real texture piece where you can literally see the enormous sun flower is real and the mud, stones and roots it took to create it. The mishmash of earth then stuff is actually eroding right before your eyes, which in ways gives way to the ages of life” One historical age gives way to another. In Norse mythology, the fabric of the universe was maintained by a gigantic ash tree which remained always green; it was from this tree that would emerge the ancestors of a new race of people, after the death of the old gods. We could say that the painting is upon this mythology, yet here is an ashen sunflower, upside down and no longer green. Whether you are trying to understand why Michelangelo Pistoletto is referring to time and that reflecting upon the past or looking to the future for a certain memory or a change to come is important.Or whether Kiefer wants you to understand to essence of change and hope that is oppressed by that single ages rule. We can understand one thing.

These artists want to reflect what is on their hearts and mind in the way that can bring and open-minded person to their own thought of what is upon their own hearts and minds, through the work of the artists. Perhaps you do not understand to meaning of what the artists are trying to convey. At least you have thought for yourself and maybe beyond yourself.


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