Aristotle must live an active life of

      Aristotle and Kant’s views were extremelydifferent because the world Aristotle live in, is different from the worldKant, live in. I think Aristotle would tell Kant that highest good as happinessand to achieving that everybody must use the virtues that are within him orher.

Aristotle will tell Kant about well-ordered soul by him says that hebelieves in happiness as the chief good, which depends on virtues andwell-ordered soul. To achieve it, one has to develop habits of virtue an old ladyacross the road is duty, because it is a good thing to do, not because it willmake he or she feels good.

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He thinks that happiness is not the uniquepossession of human beings or does he think that is the best way to achievingit, but how may make ourselves worthy of happiness.       Kant’s believe a person should acting inaccordance with duty, for duty’s sake, and not due to some other motivation inthe place of duty. He states that, “act is believed to be moral if it is donefor the sake of duty and if its maxim can be willed as a universal law.” Thismeans that a person should action based on their duty to plan, they do thecorrect thing because it is what they feel they should to do as their duty.

These ideas of Kant’s categorical imperative and for examplehappiness is fulfilledwith good virtue because the human being goal is to be happy, and to live agood life but happiness and good do not come at the same time. He believes thathappiness as a central purpose of human being life and a goal his or her have inthemselves. The Aristotle example is that an order person who wants to behappy, he or she must live an active life of virtue, for this will in turnbring him closer to the final end.

Some people may believe that these actionsthat the his or her choose to make is what creates someone happiness, butAristotle believes that these actions are just a mere part of our daily life.       Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle firmbeliever that happiness something that  someone work through his or her goal in life.In the textbook “Question That Matter,” Aristotle says, “virtue is a charactertrait that we show through our actions” (Miller and Jensen Pg. 421). This meansthat a person who has kindness toward someone who having a bad day can make hisor her smile is what brought true happiness. Aristotle’s view about virtuerelated to happiness because He believes that true    In our society today, we all have that onequestion how should we live our life? This question was discussed in a lot ofphilosophical back in their day. The most ancient philosophy and ethics weredescribed by Greek philosopher Aristotle. He was born 384 B.

C. in Greece. Hestudies sciences and mathematics. He was also a student of a famous philosopherwhose name was Plato’s. The modern philosopher I will be discussing is Kant,and his duty based ethics. He was born 1724 in Germany and died 1804. Accordingto Aristotle, he believed that one cannot have happiness without virtue, justas it is impossible to be virtuous with the absence of rational thinking.

Themodern philosopher Kant believes that rightness or wrongness of actions doesnot depend on their person consequences but on whether if they do as their dutyto. So, I do agree with the ancient philosopher because I believe thathappiness and the virtuous, moral life does go together.


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