Are You Experienced Essay Research Paper The

Are You Experienced? Essay, Research Paper

The Jimi Hendrix Experience released its first album in early 1967. Popular music had been tilting towards psychedelics for a twosome old ages

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already and Are You Experienced? came out at about the same clip as the Beatles & # 8217 ; Sergeant Pepper & # 8217 ; s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Are You

Experienced? far exceeded the Beatles & # 8217 ; victory in complexness, capturing the kernel of the late 1960 & # 8217 ; s civilization. Naturally the newer set did non

portion the immediate success of the Beatles. But its remaining power has been testified to by several coevalss.

The British version of Are You Experienced? contained a few elusive differences. Most outstanding were the absence of “ Purple Haze ” and the

add-on of Hendrix criterion “ Red House ” . “ Purple Haze ” caught fire in America after the Monterey Pop Festival and became Jimi & # 8217 ; s signature

vocal. Although it was said to hold eternal poetries, Jimi by and large sang merely the shortened version from the album ( with a few ad lib alterations ) .

The individual was sent to radio Stationss with a note: “ This vocal was deliberately distorted. Make non set. ”

Are You Experienced? , as with most of the Experience & # 8217 ; s music, sounds heavy no affair how many times you listen to it. In actuality, the stony

“ Purple Haze ” is approximately every bit near as they of all time come to hard stone. The following vocal, “ Manic Depression ” comes in strong with the gap chords

and so reveals Mitch Mitchell & # 8217 ; s brand turn overing membranophones. It besides contains another of Jimi & # 8217 ; s solos deserving listening to by any new or Experienced


Chas Chandler chose the quietest vocal on the album to give the universe its first gustatory sensation of Jimi Hendrix & # 8217 ; s endowments. Its first individual, “ Hey Joe ” , a vocal

written by turn-of-the-century bluesman Billy Roberts debuted at figure on the dad charts. No other vocal written or performed by Jimi

Hendrix had as much success as this 1. It topped out at figure 2, behind the Beatles & # 8217 ; “ Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds ” .

When there are other people around, it makes you experience alive. But when you sit entirely and listen to the music, every chord catches in your pharynx.

“ Love or Confusion ” has happened upon me more than one time when I was all of a sudden recognizing the dispair of yet another relationship. If the

reply to his inquiry is non obvious during the vocal itself, Jimi answers it for you

with his really last susurration. “ Love or Confusion ” is a wicked

tornado of emotion. It shakes you up and when you lose your sense of way, it drops out from under you, go forthing you to fall pitilessly to

the deepnesss of world.

That & # 8217 ; s when “ May This Be Love ” enters to allow you down easy. Mitch turns on the soft axial rotation. Jimi sings sweetly about his waterfall. The gait

choices up, acquiring feverish for a minute when Jimi recalls the other people. But they can express joy, every bit long as he has his waterfall. And it is oh, so


“ I Don & # 8217 ; t Live Today ” goes through a twosome of lead in poetries, but it wastes small clip acquiring to one of the most psychedelic proceedingss in stone. At

the vertex, Jimi calls, “ Ah, There ain & # 8217 ; t no life nowhere! ” When you hear it the statement is curiously soothing. The vocal leads out with Jimi

pleading repeatedly to you: “ Get Experienced. ”

If a 1000 bands haven & # 8217 ; t covered “ The Wind Cries Mary ” , it is out of fear. Short and simple ( all right, I & # 8217 ; m non a instrumentalist ) , this vocal is like

a dream. The colourful descriptions ( the traffic visible radiations turn bluish tomorrow. ) are a intimation of what is to go Axis: Bold as Love & # 8211 ; the Experience & # 8217 ; s

2nd album.

“ Fire ” was one of Jimi & # 8217 ; s favourite melodies to play unrecorded. The wordss petrified three hundred in-between category female parents of teen-aged misss. The remainder didn & # 8217 ; T

hear it. Fast paced and funky, this vocal leaves no thinking about Jimi & # 8217 ; s desires. A small advice: move over, Rover.

“ Third Stone From the Sun ” stands entirely in my head, as the lone instrumental vocal in history with words. It tells the narrative of an foreigner race

which comes down to look into out the planet Earth ( Mercury Venus Earth, acquire it? ) . It sees worlds for what we are and comes to a natural

decision. Obviously a instance of supreme intelligence. Anyone who is seeking to get the hang guitar sound effects or feedback should get down here.

The following vocal was written for every miss who thought it might be about her. She isn & # 8217 ; t paranoiac. She & # 8217 ; s merely a “ Foxey Lady. ” And she makes “ me

feel like stating & # 8216 ; Foxey & # 8217 ; . ”

The album closes with the rubric vocal. Once once more, Jimi wants to cognize, “ Are You Experienced? ” If your reply is no, you & # 8217 ; ve been listening to

the singles on the wireless. Buy the album and a brace of earphones. It won & # 8217 ; t be long now.



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