Are Women Better Politician Than Man Essay

Why women make equal or better leaders than men. Just the thought that women make equal or better leaders than men stirs an immediate controversy. Both men and women know they will offend or step on many toes, especially those men who believe that it’s a man’s world. Everything considered equal, consider the thought. Although there are not any concrete studies on domestic leadership, there are examples throughout history that suggest, at least without her support, his career may not have been successful.This writing looks at the concepts of gender differences in learning styles, women in business and how the general public views female corporate executives. Why Women Make Equal or Better Leaders than Men This paper will present a greater than convincing argument on how and why a woman would be just as good a leader as a man.

In short, the battle is not about who is better, but about the preference on how the job gets done and by whom. It may give some insight on areas where a woman may be better.Women are naturally born leaders as depicted when you look at the family dynamic. In the world of business the most important thing is the bottom line; money or profit margins rule the roost in today’s society. It will give examples of times where women have attained success within the corporate world. To their credit they have exceeded baseline standards. Some examples of successful women throughout history you may identify with or recognize just by their names.

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In everything, there are obstacles to endure and sacrifices made before success is achieved. At the end of the day when all is said and done, and the reader considers the information provided, they should be left with this profound thought. : Why not? The only difference in having a woman as a leader is that she may approach things from a different perspective. If the company’s growth increases, why not give her a chance.

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