Are UFOs Real? Essay

What exactly is a UFO, is it possible they actually exists, where do they come from, and what do they want from us? These are questions that have been asked for years, by many different people around the world but will they ever be answered? According to Dictionary. com the definition of a UFO is “A mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found. ” Since 1947 there have been UFO sightings in almost every country. The sightings have even been known to come in what scientists call ‘UFO waves’ which means for a short time UFO sighting increase rapidly in one certain area.Although we don’t know a lot about these UFO waves, attempts to link them with hysteria, mentality and stress have all failed.

An online poll from the National UFO Reporting Center concluded that nearly 11 percent of the American public has had an encounter with a UFO. Worldwide there have been over 500,000 reported sightings of UFO activity. A random study of these reports showed no pattern in the witnesses that cut across many different economic, class, race and educational lines. However, a greater percentage of these reports have come from people living in rural areas, then from people living in urban areas.With such a great number of people that have reportedly seen these, so called, UFOs it makes you wonder, could they be right? Maybe, there is something out there, just waiting to be found. Or maybe this phenomenon is entirely made up from a mixture of a whole lot of crazy. We may never know.

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