Architecture people of India extol Khan for

Architecture is one of the professions that implies the possession of a large number of different skills in various fields. Architecture is one of the reasons to study everything, because everything is interconnected and depends on each other.

Mathematics, physics and other natural sciences, philosophy, history, art, computers, technology and much more. Today it is hardly possible to imagine that the architecture creation system can function without one of these components. Each small, even seemingly insignificant detail is carefully analyzed. Future technologies, the latest innovations …

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humanity always has to build, looking ahead. At the same time, we value and honor the inherited knowledge, not just new inventions.         And this is only one aspect that has always amazed me in architecture.         The second aspect is, of course, the effect architecture has on a person. Earlier, when I did not have sufficient knowledge of architecture, but I was already fascinated by it, my dream was to create architecture for my own pleasure. Throughout my college education, I have learned and experienced the significant impact architecture can have on people, inspire them. For example, after watching a documentary about Louis I Khan, filmed by his son, he saw how modern architecture affects society, with the example of his creation in India Sher-E-Bangladesh-Nagar.

The people of India extol Khan for the creation that he gave them. This building has become almost a symbol of the people of India. Architecture is the largest scale art form, beautiful and demanding total dedication. But, in addition to what it seems to us, and even, perhaps, its symbolic significance, it is also a refuge that has been so important for mankind for millennia.         My intentions in architecture are simple. Architecture has changed my vision of the surrounding space.

She inspires me, adds to me a passion for life. Fills me with the determination to create and create, until my works will not affect people in the way architecture affects me.


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