Application: [2]. Access control: Access control is

Application:Automatic number plate detection has manyapplications. It is the fundamental, extensively used, human readable,imperative identifier of automobile. 1Some applications of number plate detection are asfollows:Parking:In parking, number plate detection is mainly usedfor security. As parking management, forbearance of car theft, juggle bychanging ticket, to direct vehicle location etc. 1. Help to manage thedemeanor information of car park. 2.

Accesscontrol:Access control is a system that performsauthorization identification through biometric scans, PINs, electronic key etc.Number plate detection provides automation in management of vehicle accesscontrol, security facilitation for data analysis and data mining. 1. Motorwayroad tolling:Road tolling is to pay for using the roadinfrastructure for the improvement of the highway road or service quality. Roadtolling is fully depends on number plate detection. It minimizing fraud likenonpayment, deduct gut. 1.

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Bordercontrol:Border control is the effort to set up countriesagainst terrorism and any kind of illegal actions. Number plate detection helpsin border controlling. It recognizes and stores all the entry and exit orsuspicious passing vehicles number plate in database to prevent terrorism. 1.Journeytime measurement:Journey time measurement helps us to perceivingtraffic and finds illustrious situations. Number plate detection recognize thenumber plate of the vehicles and store that on database. From the stored informationcontroller can detect the traffic peak hours and increase security on thattime.

1.Lawenforcement:Number plate detection helps us in introducing lawmotives. Number plate detection used in stolen car detection, traffic signalcontrol and in others traffic control laws. 1.Proposedwork:This proposed work has three steps:                 1. Vehicle number plateeducation            2. Character segmentation                    3. Optical character recognition (OCR) 3·       Data extraction from the image is themotive of edge detection.

Edge detection enact on the area of number plate.Canny edge detection algorithm is better than other edge detection method.Canny edge detection result is more perfect.·       The extracted number plate pre processedand the result is segmented to extract characters from the number plate.·       Characters recognized by templatematching in OCR.·       Extracted image converted to gray scaleimage.

3.Methodology:·       Extract image·       Pre-processing·       Edge detection·       Use morphological operation·       Character segmentation·       Image enhancement·       Optical character recognition (usingtemplate matching)·       Number plate extraction             A.  Pre-processing:Everyimage each pixel has three color components red, green and blue in RGB format. In pre-processing color image is convertedinto gray scale image. It divided the image into black and white image thenconverted it to pixels according to their spatial resolution.Therange of the image represented by 0 (black) 1 (white) factorial values.

3. B.  Edgedetection:Edgedetection is to find the boundaries of an image. Inedge detection there are many operators Sobel, Canny, log, Prewitt.

Cannyoperator is an optimal edge detector.Takesgray scale image as input and give output showing the predominance of clemency.  C.  Morphologicaloperation:Morphologicaloperation takes binary image and processes the image according to their shapes.Applyingstructuring element morphological operation alter input image as an output ofthe same size of the image. Erosionand dilation are the most elemental combination of morphological operation.Dilationraised the thickness of edges of the image to bring out what is written in theimage. It precise the input binary image.

3. D.  Charactersegmentation:Charactersegmentation is the most important step in OCR (Optical Character Recognition)system. Good segmentation increased the possibility of recognizing characterscorrectly.Flunkin segmentation detruncate the characters wrongly mingled them together.Charactersin number plate segmented and saved in many images.Matlabtoolbox function regiongroup () assessing the properties region label matrix.Boundingbox technique assessed in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) checks charactersby template matching, assessed image region.


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