Apple: the Most Influential Technology Companies of 21st Century Essay

Apple one of the most influential technology companies of 21st century has had a colorful, yet famous historical timeline of successes and failures. They have designs and manufactures consumer electronics, personal computers, operating system and innovative production software since 1976 Apple has created a company built around innovation. It seems to harness creativity, stimulate new ideas, and lunches top, profitable, revolutionary products.

I think that Apple’s biggest success is its ability to pull it innovation processes. The three business successes are IMac IPod and, ITunes.The IPad was one of the hottest sells at Christmas day in 2010.

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These three products were most successful because they appealed to the masses. Apple continues to outperform technology in their new personal computers each year prior. Their actual success lies in their ability to create products that set them apart from their competitors. Apple sets itself apart from the rest of the technology industry, by creating unique products, ensuring that they are easy to use and intuitive, and by limiting the number of choices thrust upon customers.Apple is all about seizing new opportunities in the marketplace while growing business at an incredible pace. Steven jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple, often boast about the company culture, and how it based upon innovation, forward thinking, while the focus on the “experience” Apple faces several strategic challenges as it trying to maintain and expand its current market momentum. Several headwinds exist on all the company’s strategic fronts that must be overcome if Apple is to continue it accelerated earnings growth.

Apple computer biggest failures were the Cue it turned out to be a complete failure.This was primarily due to its high price compared to Apple’s other products. Apple computer is known for its high quality products, over the years has given them the competitive edge. In addition, Lisa and the Newton were both recklessly ambitious projects that failed, but were in line with Jobs’ forward thinking mantra. In 1983, the Lisa incorporated features like a drop-down menu bar, windows, a hierarchical file system, the ability to reproduce and fix, icons, folders and a mouse, while its competitors relied on cryptic text and keyboard commands such as MS-DOS.How much of Apple’s success can be linked directly back to its culture? Why? Apple success is linked directly back to its culture that is built around forward thinking. Its culture has codified a habit that is suitable company to have, but it is especially valuable for firms that make unique things.

The company motto “Think Different” is built around the culture of the company and it innovation. Apple maintains an introspective, self-contained operating style that is capable of substantiation competitors and shaping up entire industry.Apple culture barely acknowledged competition it is the company ability to Think Different about is a sale that matches Apple at the hit of the pack. Apple has stayed consistent with their thinking and creativity over the years. How do the actions of Apple apply to the TCOs? TCO A states give a company situation be able to strive the different dynamics of technology and innovation. I believe this is applicable to the Apple case because Apple history and culture built around innovative thinking and the ability to adapt to the industry constant change.Competition can be one of the most influential determent of the firm performance. Industrial economic, researchers have shown that firms not only compete with similar firms but also with their buyers, sales, and firms from other industrial and that tells competition forces explain a large portion of the varieties in firms performance.

(Porter 1980). In summary technology base competition are based on more than technology and number of economic, social geology factors. It is an important barrier on the nature and success factors in this arena Apple has built its success around innovation.It forward thinking has created a culture that has built is a foundation on the spirit of it customer. Apple has been successful by being able to change as the market and industrially change. Their leaders have been able to foster creativity and translate it into innovation, and foresight to reinvent their product.

Porter, M. (1980) Competitive Strategy, New York Free Press http://www. chegg.



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