AP World DBQ Essay

AP WorldDBQ 1Religion and Politics roles in Afro-Eurasia’s ancient societies were influenced by geography. Both played a big part in the progress of building civilizations, believes, and a government, etc. Geography influenced the roles of religion and politics by the physical geography of the environment allowing interaction and exchanging of beliefs and goods possible.The Indus River and the Nile River both played a big role on the relationship between ancient humans and their environment. Both rivers developed different cultures, religions, and beliefs by increasing interaction between ancient societies.

Ancient humans located in the Indus Valley were able to exchange believes and spread religions with the use of the river as also trade things like goods, such as food and supplies. (Doc.1).

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Rivers were a big part of trading, and trading was the center of their economy. Using rivers as a resource, ancient humans would use their access to water for growing crops meaning they would depend less on hunting. They would also use clay from the rivers to make art in order to represent their culture and beliefs. The Nile River gave ancient Egyptians a location to build civilizations; that is the reason for most of the major pyramids and empires to be located near it; Like the Indus River, the Nile River also allowed for exchange of believes and goods. (Doc. 4)Rivers allowed more interaction between civilizations creating variety of religions, cultures, and believes. One of the beliefs created from interaction was the belief of gods.

The Hymn to Aten, the longest form of hymn-poems was written about the Egyptian sun-god. It explains how he uses his powers to nurse all the fields and made millions of forms of himself such as villages, fields, towns, and rivers and also controlled the course of the rivers. (Doc.3).

A part of culture that was created from interaction and beliefs was the Babylonian New Year’s festival which occurred on the fifth day of the month called Nisannu.In this festival the king would be humiliated and have to show his respect and loyalty to his people and the god bel (Marduk). His respect would be paid by the urigallu priest taking the king’s sword, his circle, and his scepter (his signs of power), and then would punch him in the face and shortly after the king would kneel down and apologize to the god bel for his sins and his peoples sins. The priest would then respond to the king and tell him that the god bel would protect him and destroy his enemies.

After that he would give back to the king what he took. (Doc. 2)Geography was a very important factor in the creation of cultures, civilizations, and believes. Many physical features allowed interaction, for example, rivers allowed for more and better human interaction concluding in exchange of believes allowing religions to spread and for goods to be traded which is important because trading was the center of their economy. Many believes were spread, and one of them was the belief of gods and how kings have to pay their respect and apologize for their sins, and their peoples sins.


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