AP and present, spanning over fifty years.

AP Literature:  Beloved MWDS Name: Olivia ThornFill out this document entirely. See the rubric for expectation guidelines.Title: BelovedBiographical information about the authorToni Morrison was born on February 18th, 1931 in Lorain Ohio. She was originally named Chloe Ardelia Wofford. She attended Howard University and studied English, later earning a Master of Arts degree in English from Cornell University. She taught English at Texas Southern University and Howard University before winning the Pulitzer Prize for beloved in 1988. She then won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. She has also held positions as the Albert Schweitzer chair at the University of Albany and the Robert F.

Goheen Chair in the Humanities at Princeton University. She is currently retired, with a residency at Oberlin College. Genre: Contemporary NovelAuthor: Toni Morrison Date of Publication: 1987Historical information about the period of publication or setting of the novel (literary time period? what critics of the age say about the novel) During the time this novel was published, slavery was still common to Southern American States, with the Invention of the cotton gin, the fugitive state law, the Dred Scott case, the emancipation proclamation, the thirteenth amendment, the Klu Klux Klan, and reconstruction all being relevant at the time. African Americans were constantly faced with discrimination, and the underground railroad was very much active before the publishing of this novel. The Great Depression began shortly after the publishing of this novel, impacting the entire society.

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Characteristics of the author’s style and examples (include literary devices and stylistic techniques)Morrison uses the present tense, while shifting back and forth throughout the past and present, spanning over fifty years. There is continuous repetition giving a very circular plot. The text includes many metaphors and is very symbol rich.

Plot summary:  Includes setting, character, plot, climax, falling action, denouement, resolutionSethe is a runaway African American Girl, whom comes to live with her mother in law at 124. On her journey to 124, she gives birth to a baby with the help of Amy Denver, a white girl that is passing. Before this, she had been raped by several men, while her husband, Halle, watched. This devastated him, and he went crazy, although Sethe doesn’t find this on until later in the novel. Her mother in law passed away, and Sethe is now the head of 124, taking care of her daughter, Denver. 124 is haunted by a baby ghost, which causes many problems for Sethe and Denver, eventually causing Sethe’s other children, two sons to run away. The baby ghost is finally scared off when Paul D, a former slave from Sweet Home which was the last place Sethe saw him, shows up at 124.

He asks to stay awhile at 124 despite opposition from Denver, Sethe’s daughter. Paul D finally begins to earn Denver’s trust with a trip to a carnival, but on their return, they discover a young woman . They find that her name is Beloved, which is the only word on Sethe’s dead daughter’s gravestone. The ladies of the house bond while Paul D is pushed around from room to room by Beloved until he moves to the woodshed, where his interaction with Beloved leads to her forcing him to have sex with her. Beloved continues to stir up trouble, but while Sethe is naïve to it, Denver and Paul D aren’t.

Compose characterizations of Sethe and Beloved.  Use direct examples of thoughts, dialogue, and actions from the text.  Then choose a third character.

 After a brief characterization, discuss this subordinate character’s impact on the meaning of the work as a whole.Sethe BelovedDenverQuotations (3 minimum)Significance of quotationsCharactersNameRole in storySignificanceAdjectivesSetheBelovedDenverPaul DBaby SuggsStamp PaidEllaLady JonesMr. GarnerMrs. GarnerSchoolteacherBodwinsHalleSixoAmy DenverHowardBuglarHere BoyPaul FPaul AMother????Daughter of SetheSethe’s Partner?Halle’s motherGave freedom to SetheHelped free SetheTeacherFormer Slave owner of Sweet HomeWife of Mr. GarnerNew owner of Sweet HomeHelped free SlavesSethe’s HusbandSlave at Sweet homeFreed White Girl, Helps SetheSethe’s SonSethe’s SonDog at 124Slave at Sweet HomeSlave at Sweet HomeMain character of the novelCauses mischief at 124Sethe tries to make a life for herNew love/partner for SetheMother figure for Sethe, lovingHelps get Sethe’s freedomHelps free Sethe and other slavesHelps teach Denver which is significant bc she is blackProvides the context for the storyIs friendly towards Sethe, gives her earrings(worth)Rapes Sethe, which makes Halle insaneHelps Denver and seethe in needWas Sethe’s former husband and loveGives background to Sethe and HalleHelps Sethe deliver Denver, saves her lifeShows the impact of the baby ghost on 124Is a conflict for SetheShows innocence at 124Provides background for Sethe and Paul DProvides background for Sethe and Paul DOverwhelmedMischievousInnocentCaringMotherlyFriendlyDaringInnovativeCommonFriendlyMaliciousHelpfulCowardlyHardworkerNaïveScaredLostInnocentInsignificantBrotherlySettingBeloved is set during an appalling period in America’s history: the years before, during, and immediately after the Civil War.  After the Civil War ended, life was still dreadful for black people, whether slaves or freed.  While the action of the novel covers only a brief time, by use of flashback approximately 50 years is covered.  Although other places are mentioned, the two major settings are Sweet Home in Kentucky and 124 Bluestone Road outside Cincinnati, Ohio.

 Significance of opening sceneThe book begins with a description of 124 and background about it. The reader learns that 124 is haunted by a baby ghost spirit, and that Sethe, her mother in law Baby Suggs, and Denver, her daughter live at the house. We also learn that her two sons, Howard and Buglar left 124 because they were scared of the baby ghost. We also learn that the story takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We also learn a little of Sethe’s past, being a slave at Sweet Home, with Paul D, who she used to know who is now visiting her. Possible theme statements for free response prompts. Remember that a theme is a complete sentence. Additionally, create a short rationale after your statement.Possible theme statements for free response prompts. Remember that a theme is a complete sentence.

Additionally, create a short rationale after your statement.Possible theme statements for free response prompts. Remember that a theme is a complete sentence. Additionally, create a short rationale after your statement.


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