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PritchardEnglish 7 GirlsJanuary 26, 2018Music Producer Have you ever listened to a song and thought who helped make it happen?  (probably not but that’s the only hook i could come up with) That is a music producer.  A music producer helps artists by selecting songs and session musicians, and helps gather ideas for a project.  While being a music producer, you can help artists get popular, learn more about music, and meet new people. Music producers also have other jobs too.  They oversee all the aspects of a recording session, providing instrument, scheduling studio time, and handling cost.  They can also assist audio engineers, perform the music of producers’ and audio engineers’ tasks and have an entrepreneurship role.

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Having the job of a music producer can be rewarding, but it requires a lot of hard work.  Many new musicians have a hard time getting work because they do not get noticed by people or companies.  A music producer can get from $25,000-$1,000,000 a year, depending on how popular their mixes are. To be a certified music producer, you only need a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.  Producers typically have multiple years of experience of fine arts, music production, and sound engineering.  It is beneficial to do certain courses in college such as: recording industry law, sounding editing techniques, electronic music, and digital audio software.One example of a college that offer music programs is Adrian College.  It is located in the urban city of Adrian, Michigan.

 The tuition and fees of this 4-year private school is $36,010.  To get in, you have to have a 420-510 on the math part of the SAT and 420-510 on the critical reading part of the SAT.  It provides the programs of Visual and Performing Arts, music, music performance, art, and art studies.  Another college is King’s College London.  It is located in London, United Kingdom.  It is a 3-year coed school and its tuition and fees are $24,165.  It provides the major of Music and French Language and Literature.   To apply, an ACT or an SAT is required.

 Lastly, Queen’s University.  It is located in Kingston, Canada, near the water.  Its requirement are for an SAT or ACT.  It has programs such as Music, Studio Arts, Film/Cinema Studies, and French language and Literature (and who doesn’t love Canada).

After college, it is beneficial to move to an urban area (welcome to new york. Its been waiting for you welcome to new york welcome to new york).  One example is Miami, Florida.  The Afterhours Recording Studio is located there and it is the “top Miami recording studio with Grammy-winning engineers.

 Clients have included Pitbull, Shakira, Julio Iglesias and Sandi Patty.”   Another example is Chicago, Illinois. The 35th Street Studios is located there.  It has amazing masterminds and mixers there (its lit there).

 Some people from there are The Rolling Stones and Smokie Norful  (recording connection, RECORDING AND PRODUCTION STUDIOS IN THE U.S.A.).One example of a successful music producer is Beyoncé (my queen). Some examples of music producers are Michael Jackson, Prince, Jay-Z, and the Beatles.

 They all worked hard to be where they are now (or dead in some cases).  Being a music producer can be fun and rewarding.  You can meet new people, learn more about different kinds of music, and have fun!!!


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