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Antonin a conflict with Surrealist leader (Andr-é

Antonin Artaud(4 September 1896 – 4 March 1948) was a famous French dramatist, poet, essayist, actor,and  theatre director. And he has influence by his greek ancestry. He was born in Marseilles and his parents He likes to write and create some new works in the world. In 1920, he cames to Paris, and made a theatre(Theater Alfred Jarry) with others in 1926.Widely recognized as one of the major figures of twentieth-century theatre and the European avant-garde.  He dead from intestinal cancer.He published many works. Including The Theatre and its Double,Selected Writing,The peyote dance,Van Gogh, Watchfiends and rack screams.He is the representative of a cruel comedy.In 1932, he published his first work of dramatic theory, that is Manifestos of the Theater of Cruelty. The Antonin Artaud’s thinking of this work has a large influence for many people. Including some famous people in the world, maybe is writer,director,actor and common people in the society. In 1937, He met a unfortunately thing which was he got schizophrenia. He dead in 1948.He has a bad childhood. In 1896, he was born.  When he was five years old, he was infection with meningitis that brought many hurt for him, he needed to eat a lots of medicine and suffered from sick. When he finished all of middle school’s lessons, he started accept treat so that he stayed at hospital. This sick not only affected his study but also affected he lived as a normal person in this world. Because this sick, let he felt a lots of hurts so that affected his thinking lead to got schizophrenia.He never gave up writing, although he met many problem. Because he liked it. When Antonin Artaud began writing poetry, running magazines from junior high school, drawing, theater are also interested. His mental doctor force advised he came to the Paris to started his writing and published many work. In 1926,  he joined Surrealist movement, but soon was expelled. That lead to he had a conflict with Surrealist leader (Andr-é Breton). Their thinking was different. The Surrealist movement is the only literary movement he has ever participated in. In 1930, is Alto’s most productive period. He started planning “brutal theater”, kept giving speeches and declarations, searching for support from the economic assistance and cultural circles, but his response was limited. In 1935, Les Cenci, a self-made, self-directed and self-directed “Lesser Theater” made by him. His thinking was not same with others, so that his theatre couldn’t existed. And then,Antonin Artaud wanted to find other place so he left Europe and came to the Mexico. He joined a Large-scale Indian festival after, he just like got a positive energy. After one year, he came back to Paris and Ireland continue to explored.In 1930,He started to plan “the cruel theater”.He published his work which called “Les Cenci”. This is the only production of the cruelty theater . He always published some speech, and declaration and he never give up to find some financial supports and cultural supports to help him. The Cruel Theater was according to  a  real  story to adapted. In this story, the duchess of Rome, he killed his son and drunk blood wine, even though this man also raped his daughter(Béatrice). In the end, the Béatrice’s mother spent money to find people killed this man. In this cruel story, Antonin Artaud used Balthus’s painting as background, the stage is spiral corridor, let audience lost their center of gravity, used language and background music to force the atmosphere that let people just liked drop down in a horrifying circumstance. In that time, the main concept of this opera was not same from other, that was in contrast so that his theater was defeated. InfluenceAntonin Artaud was a theater. He found many works in that time. But these work couldn’t accepted by people, many people thoughts his work is a mistake and his talking is crazy. Just had many people to supported him, almost of them didn’t care Antonin Artaud. Still to the 1960, his work be translated in many different countries and made a large influence for the society and people’s thinking. Not only the american art critic Susan Sontag thought the direct of opera can divided into “before Antonin” and “after Antonin”, but also many opera workers were affected about music, background,actor and audience by Antonin Artaud. The Antonin Artaud also became a story in the world. In 1960, many young people thought he was a master, because his conflict with western culture, pursue western and eastern culture. He also been insulted by many people.Antonin Artaud thought the real object of opera is “Make myths, show the world’s most universal, open-minded life, refine ideas and make us happy to find ourselves.”He cared how to create a opera that basic is magic and power. He thought the opera should be magic and different. He ever cooparated with many director and doctor, for example,Abel Gance and Charles Vanel. In 1945, He came back to Paris. He resume writing, drawing,speaking. The paris’ circle of literature and art made a party for him. In the party, had many famous people read his work.such as, Chagall and Giacometti.In that party, many famous people contribute their painting,sketch and works to auction. By this auction, the party corrected a lots of money for Antonin Artaud to lived. Until last two years, his condition became better. In 1948, he sent a letter for his friend, he said “The UN theatre DE sang, in my imagination. Every performance, both the performance and the performance of the people from the flesh. We are not acting, we are On ne joue pas, On agit. The theatre is the source of all creation.”This sentence was last sentence about theatre.About Total Theatrewhen the object of theatre is different, the style of show also will become different. Antonin Artaud be affected by eastern theatre, he found a kind of theatre. The”total theatre”, a “pure theatre”:A theater based on mythology, with a sense of meaning and mysticism, and a theater of western psychological orientation.Everyone can join the showA festival theatre, every gesture, every action, according to a strict, the symbol of the finely, mathematics type design, does not allow the casual: no accident or individual ingredients into full play.It have special language, not limited to script and dialogue, but based on shape and body, while using dance, singing, mime, lamp effect, props, gestures, puppet, mask and music.