Antinociceptive activity of abelmoschus escuclentus fruit Essay



Many medical specialties and redresss have been prepared from workss and herbs for centuries. It has been known for long that the comestible workss have components which have medicative value besides their nutritionary benefits. The comestible Abelmoschus escuclentus, normally called okra, has assortment of traditional utilizations such as in sore pharynx, pox, gonorrhoea, dysuria, leukorrhea, GI ulcers etc.Abelmoschus escuclentus traces its get downing from Abyssinia, distributing through to Eastern Mediterranean, India, Africa, North America, South America and the Caribbean. It is a soft-stemmed one-year works of the malvaceae household that is normally used because of its alimentary constituents.

It has vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, calcium,1,2 Mg, Fe, Zn, fatty acids and alone pectic polyoses.T. Huynh Ngoc evaluated okra for antihyperlipidemic belongings and concluded that it can take down triglycerides and cholesterin in hyperlipedimic mice.3 Similarly ; Liu IM worked on its antihyperglycemic effects.4 Okra is besides considered best veggie for those feeling weak, fatigued, and enduring from depression. It has besides been used as diuretic agent, for intervention of dental diseases and to cut down stomachic irritations.

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5 Abelmoschus escuclentus has many constituents that have pain relieving belongingss, for illustration, Mg, thiamine8, riboflavin9 and zinc11. Surveies have shown that these constituents either move separately as an antinociceptive agent or assistance in antinociception by heightening the analgetic character of other compounds.Assorted carnal theoretical accounts have been designed to find the effects of anodynes against ague and persistent hurting since analgetic effects in animate beings are comparable with the curative effects in adult male.

A hot home base method has been widely used for old ages to clarify the antinociceptive character of assorted compounds and works infusions against the acute pain.8 This method is used for finding the centrally acting anodynes. Formalin trial is used for finding the antinociceptive effects for relentless hurting models.

9, 10 It is a dependable method with two stages of nociceptive response. The first or early stage is due to its action on nociceptors while the 2nd or late stage is due to inflammatory response affecting prostaglandins. This can assist in distinguishing the newer drugs for their nociceptive activity against inflammatory and non inflammatory pain.12There are different mechanisms of nociception affecting peripheral or cardinal go-betweens and assorted receptors for them.

Such go-betweens can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory. Cyclooxygenase mediated inflammatory hurting and opioid receptor mediated antinociception are among those. COX inhibitor assay kit is used for the analysis of Cyclooxygenase suppressing activity. This assay utilised enzyme check technique mensurating the synthesis of prostaglandins.

13, 14


For century, assorted anodynes have been produced that are effectual in handling different types of hurting. Still, in nature many workss are available that can be processed to explicate newer drugs. Abelmoschus has its common people traditional knowledge usage for the direction of joint strivings and other hurting conditions. Work has been done on its anti inflammatory5 and antioxidant6 belongingss while small informations is available on its antinociceptive activity. Recently, a survey conducted in India, has shown that infusion of Abelmoschus escuclentus was effectual in cut downing hurting in animate being model.

7 It is necessary to measure the behaviour of Abelmoschus escuclentus against ague and chronic hurting and to happen the possible mechanism of this activity.This would supply scientific footing for its usage in folklore medical specialty and, besides, for the readying of safe, effectual and cheap herbal medicine for alleviating hurting. It will besides help in clarifying that whether Abelmoschus escuclentus plants by cardinal or peripheral antinociceptive mechanism and is effectual against inflammatory or non-inflammatory hurting or both.


Based on the traditional usage, dried Abelmoschus escuclentus fruits are taken in pulverization signifier to handle certain pain conditions like backache, musculus aching. Its oil is available with hakim to be rubbed at hurting full articulatio genuss. However, no scientific information is available that shows once and for all whether it has such analgetic belongings or non. Therefore, this survey is designed to show the likely antinociceptive action of Abelmoschus escuclentus as depicted in its folklore usage. It will besides be elucidated preliminarily sing the possible mechanism of this antinociceptive activity.


The aim of the survey is to find the antinociceptive activity of infusion of Abelmoschus escuclentus fruit in ague and persistent/inflammatory hurting carnal theoretical accounts. It will besides partly clarify the possible mechanism of this antinociceptive consequence and comparison that consequence with a standard anodyne.


Extraction of works stuff

After aggregation, the okra fruits will be shade dried for 15 yearss and crushed into for farther extraction. The infusion will be prepared by hot continues soxhlet extraction utilizing methyl alcohols: water-70:30.15

Phytochemical Screening

Preliminary phytochemical showing of the powdered stuff will be carried out.

Animal used

Albino rats, 150-200g,7 will be used for this intent.

Dose of infusion

Different doses of the Abelmoschus used in experiments to analyze pharmacological activities ranges from 100mg/kg to 800 mg/kg.

15, 16 For the intent of this experiment, doses of 300 mg/kg will be used.

Animal groups


Control group for hot plate method: Normal saline will be given to rats


Extract ( 300 mg/kg ) will be given to rats for hot plate method


Opioid adversary ( naloxone Dose ) with 300 mg/kg extract for hot home base method


Extract ( 300 mg/kg ) in formol induced hurting theoretical account for mensurating response in 1st stage ( 0-15 min )


Extract ( 300 mg/kg ) in formol induced hurting theoretical account for mensurating response in 2nd stage ( 20-50 min )


Control group for formol induced hurting theoretical account


Indomethacin 10 mg/kg in formol induced hurting theoretical account for mensurating response in 2nd stage ( 20-50 min )

Path of disposal


Measurement of antinociceptive activity in ague hurting theoretical account

Hot home base analgesiometer will be used to find the analgetic activity for an ague hurting theoretical account. The rats shall be placed on the hot home base at 55AA° to 56AA°C and clip to cream the paws due to thermic hurting before and after the disposal of the infusion for 180 proceedingss will be determined.

Measurement of antinociceptive activity in persistent/inflammatory hurting theoretical account

Formalin induced hurting in rat paw will be used to measure the antinociceptive activity of Abelmoschus escuclentus infusion.

The response will be measured in different groups against the early and late nociception by formol. Response will be measured every 5 proceedingss with observation clip of 60 seconds for each measuring. The response is measured as the figure of winces per observation period and/or licking/ biting of the injected paw, recorded as entire defeat clip ( s ) per observation period.This will be compared with the analgetic response produced by the standard drug Indocin.

Determination of mechanism of antinociception

Two possible mechanism of antinociceptive action will be determined.Measurement of antinociceptive consequence of infusion in the presence of an opioid adversary, Narcan, will be done by hot plate analgesiometer.In vitro analysis of Cox inhibitor activity by COX inhibitor assay utilizing enzyme assay technique will be conducted.

Statistical trial

Student t trial to compare average response clipAnalysis of discrepancy ( ANOVA ) for multiple comparings against control with suited station hoc trial.P value & lt ; 0.05 will be considered statistically important.



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