Antigone Essay Research Paper 2

Antigone Essay, Research PaperWould you of all time dare to disobey the jurisprudence and put on the line your life for it merely so you could make what you thought was right? In the drama Antigone, the chief character Antigone, had her actions rewarded by decease.

She had disobeyed the jurisprudence made by Creon ( the male monarch ) and hence had to be punished. It seems as if she made her actions merely so people would believe of her as a heroine. What sort of grounds would do people believe of her as a heroine or a good function theoretical account? The fact that she intentionally disobeyed the jurisprudence because she felt it was the right thing to make. And besides because she did non deny her actions or travel against her penalty. Peoples might state that she should be admired because she stood up for herself and did what she thought was right.I believe Antigone should be admired and worthy to be honored because she did non deny her actions of burying her brother when she knew that the jurisprudence said non to.Lookout.

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We ran and took her at one time. She was non afraid,Not even when we charged her with what she had done.She denied nil.Creon. And you, Antigone,You with your caput hanging- do you squeal this thing?Antigone. I do. I deny nil. -pg.

502, lines 43-52She didn & # 8217 ; t lie to acquire her out of problem nor fault her accused actions on person else. I think that this would demo and state people non to be afraid to state or make what you think is right. Antigone would be a good function theoretical account for many people. She wanted to make the right thing for her dead brother. Yet her thought of the right thing to make didn & # 8217 ; t agree with some people such as Creon. She didn & # 8217 ; t care about anything else except to make the proper thing, giving her brother a proper entombment. She wanted to make the unthinkable- to travel and disobey a jurisprudence that had merely been late made.

Peoples should cognize and larn that they excessively can alter things that seem to be unchangeable if they believe that is the right thing to make, even if the consequences are decease. She even knew the effects of her actions and yet ignored them. Antigone even accepted her decease when Creon found her guilty.Antigone.I knew I must decease, even without your edict ;Populating, as I live, with evil all about me,Think decease less than a friend? This decease of mineIs of no importance ; but if I had left my brotherLiing in decease unburied, I should hold suffered.Now I do non.

-pg. 502, lines 64-72Another ground on why I think she should be admired was in the beginning of the drama when Antigone decided to disobey the jurisprudence and bury her brother.Antigone. Ismene, I am traveling to bury him. Will you come?Ismene.

Bury him! You have merely said the new jurisprudence forbids it.Antigone. He is my brother. And he is your brother, excessively.

Ismene. But think of the danger! Think what Creon will make!Antigone. Creon is non strong plenty to stand in my manner.

-pg. 492, lines 31-35I admire her finding to bury her brother and that no 1 would stand in her manner. Not even the individualwho created the jurisprudence. She had a batch of assurance in her that made it sort of obvious that she was traveling to make what she intended to make. I think that people should look up to her for that characteristic ; her finding and ego assurance. Peoples can larn from her that with self finding and ego assurance, anyone can accomplish anything. Antigone did what she wanted to make, give her brother a proper entombment, but lost her life for making it. That should learn people that making something may put on the line your life but if you instead die with pride than unrecorded and suffer, so the determination is yours.

But so sometimes, decease is ne’er ever the reply.In the drama, the Chorus accuse Antigone of pride when they have a conversation with each other before Antigone is locked off in a vault of rock.Chorus. Yet non unpraised, non without a sort of award,You walk at last into the underworld ;Untouched by illness, broken by no blade.What adult female has of all time found your manner to decease?Antigone. How frequently I have heard the narrative of Niobe,Tantalos & # 8217 ; wretched girl, how the rockClung fast about her, ivy-close ; and they sayThe rain falls infinitelyAnd sifting soft snow ; her cryings are ne’er done.I feel the solitariness of her decease in mine.Antigone.

Then allow me travel, since all your words are acrimonious,And the really visible radiation of the Sun is cold to me.Lead me to my vigil, where I must holdNeither love nor plaint ; no vocal, but silence.-pg. 512-513, lines 11-20 and 49-52What I believe the chorus is stating is that they say that Antigone is traveling to decease without congratulations or award. No 1 killed her in a conflict and she is non ill.

Alternatively she chose to decease and was likely the lone adult female of all time known to make that. Antigone answers back as if she were looking frontward to decease so that she could reunite with her household who had already died. And so the Chorus is impeaching her of pride because of this.

I besides have to hold because I don & # 8217 ; t think no 1 would be looking frontward to decease unless it would be a batch better than life. Besides in the drama, she begs Creon to kill her, stating that she should hold congratulations and award for what she has done.Antigone. Then I beg you: kill I should hold congratulationsand award for what I have done.- pg.

503, lines 94-98I agree with that but does she believe that one time she dies that people would travel and protest to Creon stating what he did was incorrect? And that so they will praise and honour her for what she has done?So fundamentally, Antigone should be considered an admirable individual and worthy to be honored. She lost her life in disobeying the jurisprudence merely because of her finding of making something right. She had a batch of backbones to stand up to the jurisprudence and the male monarch, Creon. And when the male monarch found her guilty, she didn & # 8217 ; t deny it and faced the fact that she was traveling to decease. Many people may believe Antigone was a heroine, a function theoretical account or merely some brainsick adult female who deserved to decease. But for Antigone herself, she was considered as a tragic heroine.


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