Antigone Complex Character Essay

Antigone is a complex character in the play. The play begins with Creon explaining through an edict to the entire town of Thebes. Polynices, who is Antigone’s brother, dies in an attempt to take over Thebes.

Creon, the leader of Thebes, doesn’t allow Polynices to be buried correctly. This infuriates Antigone. Antigone wants to do something about this, because she has integrity. When Antigone has her mind set on something, she goes out and does it.Do what you think is right, even if it is against the law. Antigone and Ismene were conversing about the topic of how wrong it is for Polynices to not be buried properly. Antigone told Ismene that she was going to do something about this. She was a determined girl, and she was going to do what she thought was right.

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“Thats the way it is. What do you think we can do to change it?” “ I pity Polynices just as much as you do. But all the same, I see what Creon means.” (Roche 195) This quote shows that even though Antigone was being pressured by Ismene, her older to do the right thing by law, Antigone denied her, and said she was going to do what she wanted. This shows how Antigone develops as a character, because she doesn’t succumb to peer pressure. Antigone gains the property of determination, showing that she isn’t afraid to break the law. and do her own thing.

Teenagers have a tendency to be naive, and do what they want, no matter their maturity level. Antigone displays this about herself throughout the story. When Antigone has her mind set on something, there is no turning back, which makes her a complex character. “Those who are not buried, find no rest.” (Roche 231) Antigone believes that if her beloved brother Polynices isn’t buried properly, he will not rest in peace. This disturbs Antigone, as she will fix this no matter what. Antigone is a rebel. She does what she wants, and when she wants to.

She doesn’t listen to others. Integrity lives inside of Antigone, as she will always do what her morals tell her to do. There is no turning back for this girl, once Antigone has her mind set on something, one way or another, she will find a way to do it, and there is no changing her mind.Antigone is motivated. Antigone doesn’t want to compromise with her uncle Creon at all. She doesn’t care. She is motivated, and her beliefs are so strong, that she is willing to doe for her beliefs. Antigone was given the opportunity to compromise with Creon, and not be put to death, but she wanted her full punishment for what she did.

She didn’t want a lesser punishment because she was family to Creon. “Youn with your promise of a humdrum happiness- provided a person doesn’t ask too much of life.”(Roche 242). Antigone’s character complexity is so strong, because she can’t be changed, she is one strong, hard, tough individual who won’t be stopped, even if her consequences are lessened.

To conclude, Antigone is clearly the most complex character in the play. Antigone doesn’t care what anyone else has to say, for she is determined, and once she has her mind on something, and she grabs a hold of it, there is no stopping what she can do as an individual. Granted, her determination and drive killed her, but with all that will to do what she thought was right, she succeeded in her mind.


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