Antigone 6 Essay Research Paper AntigoneIn Ancient

Antigone 6 Essay, Research PaperAntigoneIn Ancient Greece, life was full of complicated inquiries centered around the spread outing field of scientific discipline. Freedom of faith was encouraged to be exercised in the city states and adult male was focused on more than the Gods or heavenly concerns. As a consequence many new ideals and beliefs surfaced.

These new ideals and beliefs, though good in purposes, frequently conflicted with one another and created complex moral quandary. Such was the instance in Sophocles play Antigone that was written in this epoch. In the drama, Antigone and Creon conflict a philosophical war refering their ideals. They both base there actions on what they believe is right and incorrect.

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The struggle arose when their ideals that backed up their actions on the entombment of Polyneices clashed, making a contradiction between ethical motives.Antigone s side of the struggle held a much more godly attack, as opposed to the everyday way Creon chose to go. Antigone feels that Creon is ignoring the Torahs of the celestial spheres by telling it improper for anyone to supply a proper entombment for her brother Polyneices. Antigone s sentiment is one that supports the Gods and the Torahs of the celestial spheres. Her logical thinking is set by her belief that if person were non given a proper entombment, that individual would non be accepted into Eden.

Antigone was a really spiritual individual and the credence of her brother by the Gods was really of import to her. Creons order was personal to Antigone and his edict invaded her household life every bit good as the Gods. An of import ideal in Ancient Greece was the belief that the authorities was to hold no control in affairs refering spiritual beliefs.

InAntigone s eyes, Creon betrayed that ideal by non leting her to properly bury her brother, Polyneices. She believed that the entombment was a spiritual ceremonial, andCreon did non hold the power to deny Polyneices that right. Antigone s strong beliefs finally led her to decease by the manus of Creon.Creon s actions are guided by the ideal that adult male is the step of all things. Creon believes that the good of adult male comes before the Gods. An illustration of Creons belief was the unburied organic structure of Polyneices. Creon doesn T want to give award to a adult male who attempted to occupy and suppress his metropolis. He denies burial for Polyneices to demo regard for Thebes.

From this point of view, Creons determinations for denying entombment for Polyneices are wholly merely and supports the ideals. Creon s concluding s coincide with the Grecian ideals except for two that strongly contradicts his actions. The first is that Creon exercises complete domination of political power. He defies this ideal by keeping Antigone as his captive and non the populaces. The people of Thebes supported Antigone but were excessively scared to make anything about it. Creon found out about this through his boy Haemon. The 2nd is freedom of faith. By denying Antigone to execute burial ceremonials for Polyneices, he is denying Antigone the ideal that supports freedom of faith.

The contradictions between the beliefs of Antigone and Creon are strong throughout the drama. Neither of their statements dominates the other even though they are both right and incorrect at the same clip. Antigone is following godly jurisprudence while Creon is seeking to protect the unity of the city state.

In the terminal, Creon was convinced to put Antigone free after he weighed the factors and debated the ideals. But it was excessively late. The contradiction of ideals was the cause of Antigone s, Haemons, and Megareus decease. Both sides were merely and all beliefs were supported.

The ruin is that Creon had to make up one’s mind the unanswerable, and find right from incorrect when there was no clear reply.


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