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Annotated Bibliography With the war on drugs presently being waged In the united States what sort of out come can be presumed based on the outcome of the prohibition of alcohol In the sass’s? By being able to determine or predict outcomes based on the closely related prohibition in the sass’s we could possibly save lives from the war that is raging in many of our backyards. In my research I was looking for articles from the sass’s and present day that were closely related to try to draw ties between the modern day prohibition of drugs and the prohibition of alcohol In the offs.My primary search methods were both Google search and Google scholar. Prohibition and the War on Drugs = Prohibition and the War on Drugs N.

P. , 01 Feb.. 2001. Web. 10 Feb.

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. 2014. Http://www. Inconsideration. Com/CT- prohibition. HTML This source described similarities between the Prohibition and the War on Drugs.

The author In the source explains the accelerates and differences and gives suggestions as to how to resolve the current conflict with drugs. The source also provided multiple charts and graphs containing details on different aspects and outcomes that have occurred during both prohibitions. A small group of people believes that an activity is dangerous.

They try to convince people to stop partaking in that activity. The people ignore them. They convince the government to pass a law to abolish the activity. The people ignore the law. The people become criminals. The people go to Jail People begin profiting by providing the illegal service to other people People kill each other to protect their profits. More people go to Jail. People begin asking government to rethink its policy.

” This statement wows the sequence of events that took place in the offs.If you look at the events that took place almost a century ago and then look at the events that have been taking place over the last few years you can see the direct correlation between the two subjects. Chemicals, William J. “The Consequences of Prohibition: Crime, Corruption, and International Narcotics Control. ” Drugs, Law, and the State (1992): 23-33. This source gives detailed information about the current prohibition of narcotics.

It offers info about crime, corruption and international narcotics control.The author provides satirical and modern examples and data in order to help the reader broaden their knowledge on current world Issues involving narcotics and other Illicit substances. The authors analyze contrasting national polices through theories that emphasize the role of ideology, legitimacy and history. “The essays contained in Drugs, Law and the State are based on the notion that drug control policy largely reflects the society in which it is found. ” In the book Marks.

Gaylord and Harold H.Travel provide descriptions of different drug policies in various countries. By doing this they are striation of drugs and other substances. Thornton, Mark. “Alcohol Prohibition Was A Failure. ” Alcohol Prohibition Was A Failure. N.

P. , n. D. Web. 09 Feb.

. 2014. This source is a graph displaying the crime rate before, during, and after the prohibition of 1920. From this graph you can pull that the prohibition of substances promotes a more violent and crime filled society.

The sale of alcohol when prohibition began nearly doubled and afterwards never returned to normal.This shows that the prohibition of alcohol in the early sass’s had the exact opposite effect as what was intended. With the overall increase in alcohol use after the prohibition era what is going to happen when the war on drugs comes to an end? If the war on drugs continues on the path that its going on and continues to mirror the prohibition of 1920 then it is very possible that when it finally reaches an end that the number of consumers of illicit substances could increase considerably.

“Crime. ” Australians County Libertarian Party. N. P. , n. D. Web. 0 Feb.

. 2014. In this source the creator of the website gives their own suggestions on how to ND America’s crime issues. They provide statistics such as “There is a murder every half hour, a rape every five minutes, and a theft every four seconds.

” They then explain that since the war on drugs began America’s murder rates have more than doubled; these statistics are identical to the rise of crime in the sass’s. The author provides his personal opinion as well factual evidence to support his theory on how to make life in the United States safer for everyone.Although the majority of the article is Just someone’s opinion it shows that there are people out here that recognize and believe in the issues that are presently taking place in our country. Thornton, Mark. “Alcohol prohibition was a failure.

” Policy Analysis 157 (1991). In this analysis of the prohibition of alcohol the author Mark Thornton explains reasons for the failure of prohibition. He also explains that the prohibition of the substance was also a violation of the rights of the American citizens.

Thornton also expresses his belief that prohibition causes corruption in the government, from police officers to senators and congressmen. Mark Thornton uses different illustrations and graphs throughout his analysis of the prohibition era. These include graphs of the amount of product sold, the amount consumed, the number of inmates in different prisons, and the homicide rate. He concludes “Repeal of prohibition dramatically reduced crime, including organized crime, and corruption.

Jobs were created, and new voluntary efforts, such as Alcoholics Anonymous…

” These outcomes from the repeal of prohibition did more for the people of the United States than the actual prohibition ever could have done for them. This shows that although there may be downsides to the allowance of consumption of some substances the upsides can always be better if people can think of a healthy and smart way to incorporate the substance into civilization. (ASK), Alcohol, & Prohibition. N. P.

, n. D. Web. 10 Feb..

2014.This article explains the how the ASK (UK Klux Klan) was able to prosper during the prohibition of alcohol. The ASK used prohibition as a way to rally in new members. The Klan made enforcing prohibition the main goal in its reform agenda. The ASK tried to support prohibition by opposing bootleggers who sold alcohol legally.

With the prohibition bringing in more members and opening up more goals, the terrorist group was able to prosper much like modern day drug cartels in the southwestern United States and other street gangs throughout the country.The author shows his point by listing off different facts. Many of the actions listed by Hanson are closely related to the actions of cartels now days. This goes on to further prove that the prohibition of the sass’s and the War on Drugs are more closely related than most people may think.

“Mexico Drug War Fast Facts. ” CNN. Cable News Network, 01 Jan. 1970. Web. 09 Feb.

. 014. This source lists off different facts and pieces of information about different drug cartels from Mexico and other South American countries.The facts include names and descriptions of different drug cartels, financial information, and a body count of both foreign and domestic civilians. The authors list and describe all of the major cartels and give background information about when and where they were formed and what they are doing now.

There is also a time line provided that expresses major events that have taken place over the last decade. The events include important people who have been killed, efferent laws or efforts that have been attempted in order to bring the smuggling of illegal drugs too stop.Flows, Capital. “80 Years After Prohibition’s Repeal, President Obama Continues A Failed Drug War. ” Forbes.

Forbes Magazine, 05 DCE. 2013. Web. 10 Feb.. 2014.

. This online article talks about the similarities between the prohibition and the War on Drugs. It offers theories about why the war on drugs continues to be waged and states that it is primarily due to the stubbornness of the United States government. They bring up the fact that many high profile individuals and politicians have used legal drugs yet they still support the war.They also bring up the financial burden that came along with prohibition and point out that the same burden is being placed on us nearly 80 years later yet again. The author uses examples that many people can relate to and uses many house hold names in the article to show readers how big of a deal the war on drugs really is.

By mentioning how every adult’s income is affected by the war the author is also able to pull in more support. By questioning the government and relating to the audience the author is able to get his point across.


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