Animator certain requirements or qualification. In some

Animator                              To begin with I would like to ask what people focus nowadays when it comes to a video game, web design or in some cases a movie? They focus on the look, the visuals, the feeling you get when you see beautiful images This paper will touch a variety of points such as what is needed to be an animator this includes salary, working conditions, and more.

Being in the animation field give you the opportunity of working with other professionals from different parts of the world as well as creating projects together to make marvelous creations. Keep in mind that being an animator is not easy. Many animators have no social interaction at all. They also spend a lot of time alone working on individual projects.

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Many animators communicate via email, cell phone, Skype, and in person. Most of them are responsible for the work that has been completed by others. Occasionally they are placed in positions that can cause conflicting situations.

Such doing things that affect the overall of the project that they are currently working on.                    To be an Animator there are also certain requirements or qualification. In some companies, it is required to have a certain amount of knowledge or a certificate. A portfolio comes in handy as well, the portfolio needs to have your resume and the portfolio need to demonstrate a set of your professional work. In some other companies’ previous experience is a key factor. Companies need to know how skillful you are in the field. That is also an advantage when it comes to choosing who is the best candidate to work in the company.

                    Another thing that is importing to know if you want to be an Animator is salary. Salary depends on location and amount of work. For example, in Los Angeles the approximate annual salary for an animator is $51K, they are earning about $21 dollars an hour. In Orlando, Florida the annual salary is about $48k. So, salary really depends on location and amount of work and keep in mind that overtime was not included. There are benefits for Animators too.

One of the biggest benefits is being able to express their personal expression through their work. Another benefit is time. When Animators are working on their individual projects, they can set working times. Also, animators have the freedom to create. But the freedom to create depends on whether you are working on your own or for someone else.                    Let’s not forget advancement. As technology increase the demand for better software and instrument is fundamental.

This includes products that we use daily such as paper, pencils, etc.                   Employment for animators is expected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026. Its growth is faster than the average for many other occupations. Its fast growing is since people are always looking better-looking visuals. Sometimes its grow can be slowed by unpredicted events, however, it can be brought back by hiring foreign animators that will work for less amount of money. That is a good method.

Paying people outside the United States is way cheaper, sometimes what you can pay an American animator $10-$20 dollars an hour you can pay a foreign animator a little less than that.                     In conclusion being an Animator is an overwhelming profession that many won’t even think on applying for due to many circumstances. But for those like me that likes to take risks and do what they like the most then this job can turn to be fun and full of enjoyment. Work Cited”Summary.

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