Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Andy Kaufman Essay Research Paper Andy KaufmanLike

Andy Kaufman Essay Research Paper Andy KaufmanLike

Andy Kaufman Essay, Research PaperAndy KaufmanLike a batch of people I didn t realize who in the universe Andy Kaufman was till I saw the film Man on the Moon. This film truly cracked me up and besides made truly cry and believe about life like no other. It besides led me to inquire who in the universe is this cat Andy Kaufman?I began making research on Andy Kaufman and believe it or non I really read a book called Andy Kaufman Reveled by Bob Zmuda. The book told merely about everything about Andy Kaufman you of all time wanted to cognize.

It reasonably much eventually gave you an thought of what Kaufman was all approximately. There was no thought of what he was approximately. In fact he had to be the most unpredictable individual perchance of all time. You had perfectly no thought of what he was traveling to make following and that is what people loved and hated about him. Kaufman didn T privation to be known as a comic because he felt he would hold to do the audience laugh every clip he went out at that place. Kaufman didn T privation to make that because he would acquire bored with that so he called himself a vocal and dance adult male.Kaufman would travel out at that place and sometimes do the audience laugh, sometimes he would do them hiss him from bombing like no other and he would besides do them really confused at times with them inquiring Is this cat for existent.

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His most celebrated act is where he truly started doing his name. He would travel on phase get downing out as his legendary foreign adult male. Making feeble gags that was non even mildly diverting so so the crowd would get down to hiss. Then Kaufman would state in his foreign voice O.K. I would now like to copy Mr. Elvis Presley and the crowd would hiss some more till he put the music on.

Then all of a sudden this diffident unfunny foreign adult male turned into Elvis Presley and this was likely the greatest Elvis Presley imitation you could happen and in approximately in a span of 1 2nd those hoots turned into cheers and laughter. Then at the terminal of this act he would the authoritative Thank you thank really much, and after that line he would hold the audience eating out of his manus. That act was so amazing because he would merely dally with the crowd like at the start he would forge like he was bombing this command so by the terminal he would hold the crowd breaking a intestine with laughter.

That is what made Kaufman so alone and particular. He could travel out at that place and make reasonably much anything he wanted to and the crowd would still be satisfied.Kaufman got sort of world-weary doing the crowd laugh all the clip so he came up with another controversial character. Mr. Tony Clifton. Clifton many people knew this cat was Andy Kaufman dressed up as an old useless entertainer but they would still believe off Clifton as a whole knew different personality.

In fact to set it directlyhe was. Kaufman was a polite, diffident, mild mattered, soft spoken single. Clifton was everything antonym to that. He would come out and be the cockiest individual. He would do merriment of the crowd and acquire perfectly booed to decease. That was the loveable portion about him. Despite his bad vocalizing and atrocious joking.

He would convey a jammed house every dark and you ask why because people would desire to see what he did following. What can I state despite his objectionable actions the cat was really entertaining. In his most celebrated incident on Taxi. Kaufman truly hated being on Taxi despite this most his most celebrated function. He hated so much he couldn t stand it so one twenty-four hours he came in as Tony Clifton. He showed up with 3 Hookers and fundamentally dissed on the dramatis personae the show and said how much better he was than the whole dramatis personae. Clifton was kicked out of the Taxi studios everlastingly and the narrative was so popular it made the intelligence it was genuinely genius by Kaufman.

Get used to that word because that was what Kaufman was a mastermind.Unfortunally when the great Kaufman s bearer was about to make ace position that is when he came down with his celebrated lung disease malignant neoplastic disease. No 1 could perchance understand how this happened because Kaufman ne’er smoked or drank and he would ever eat healthy and would workout. When people got word of this disease a sad thing happened people did non purchase it. Kaufman was so controversial people really thought he would be forging his ain decease. After several efforts to bring around his decease he eventually lost his conflict with malignant neoplastic disease. Despite these studies the imperativeness still believed it was merely another joke by Kaufman.

Even his ain household had some douhts that this was goning to be the most ill ultimist joke by Andy Kaufman. Those who knew Kaufman said he was capable of it. Unfortuanlly after the funeral and after several of his friends confirmed of his organic structure Kaufman was now officially dead. Not his sprit though Kaufman s sprit will ne’er decease.Andy Kaufman was the greatest entertainer we have of all time seen there is no inquiry to me about that. Some say Kaufman was full of dirt and he was merely a loser up on phase who had no hint. I say he was a mastermind. A originator he knew precisely how to entertain the fans unlike a batch of the entertainers today.

Kaufman was original at what he did. The chief thing at being an entertainer is being unpredictable. Not cognizing what you re traveling to make next. Kaufman had this and more in fact he was an expert at this. I am merely sad as the remainder of the universe should be that he is still non making his same unpredictable stiff he did 20 old ages ago. Just sit back and think of what he would hold done in 20 old ages. I guess God merely couldn t delay for him to demo up in Eden to entertain the people upstairs.