Ancient Ruins in the Cañon de Chelle, N. M. in a Niche 50 Feet above Present Cañon Bed Essay

The first photo is taken of a steer wrestler and his downed steer. It portrays texture in the rough dirt ground and the wrinkles in his clothing. It portrays movement in the man’s arms as they are being thrown in the air. It portrays value evident in the range of dark and light shadings in the photo. And it also portrays contrast in the range of values that stand out against one another. The second photo is taken of ancient ruins in a canyon in N. M.It also portrays value in the dark and light shadows, texture in the ridges of the wall, and contrast in the dark values that pop against the light ones, however rather than movement, it has depth, line, pattern, and rhythm in the repetitive lines on the rock wall.

Aside from the different elements and principles used, there are many other apparent differences in the two photos that are caused by those different elements and principles that each photographer used .One highly evident difference is the subjects of each photo. The subject of photo one is the movement of the steer wrestler, while the subject of photo two is more like the line portrayed in the wall’s ridges that heavily stands out and structures the photo. Another difference is in the depth of field. Photo one shows far less depth than photo two does.

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The depth of field is larger in photo two and the actual photo was taken farther away than photo one.


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