Ancient Greek history Essay

The war of 480-479 BC was fought by the Greeks and the Persians. This was a war of invasion by the Persians on Grecian district. The Persians had for decennaries tried to occupy the Greeks with no success. The run of 480-479 BC was a retaliation onslaught on the Greeks by the Persians under the bid of the Persian emperor Darius, a run he did non see through at he died before the onslaught. Fortunately or unluckily his boy was at that place to transport out his male parents wants, Xerexes lead the onslaught on Greece between 480-479 BC. The Iranian emperor, Darius ‘s program to occupy the Greeks was as a consequence of the Greeks influence over the metropoliss of Anatolia to arise against the Iranian regulation. This gangrenous and enraged Darius that he ordered an invasion of Greece.

The invasion of 480-479 BC was a retaliation onslaught on the Greeks ; the ground was that the Persians holding attempted independently to occupy Greece and failed in their efforts. Emperor Darius is known to hold set out his ground forces to Athens to penalize them for their rebellion. Darius was a proud male monarch, his pride in his large imperium and the fact that he had a large ground forces, made the Persians confident in their ground forces ‘s resources and their strength. This gave the Iranian ground forces the assurance that they would take over Athens.

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It is of import to understand the grounds for the Persians repetitive invasion of the Greeks and the vigilant run to take over Athens. When Athinais encouraged these metropoliss to arise against Iranian regulation, emperor Darius set out a run non merely to increase his imperium but besides to penalize the rebelling metropoliss. His first invasion and war was fought at endurance contest, this is the invasion of 490 BC, and this was the make up one’s minding war that lead to the invasion of 480-479 BC.

It is the fain leader Hippias who joined Darius ‘s ground forces in this invasion. It is clear that they set out to occupy with retribution in their Black Marias, their sheer Numberss and monolithic forces gave them a clear triumph over Athens. They attacked Eriteria and won and on they moved to Athens. The humiliation of the Persians and Darius in the invasion of 490BC was the make up one’s minding factor in the invasion of 480-479 BC.Importantly what truly fuelled Darius choler and thrust to occupy Greece in the invasion of 480-479BC was the licking they encountered at endurance contest in 490BC. The Persians had a monolithic ground forces and stuffs during this invasion, and their success was assured. Darius felt humiliated because despite their assured triumph, they still lost to the Greeks.

Of involvement is the fact that Greeks had sort the aid of the Spartans, unluckily they could non prosecute in war as they were observing a spiritual banquet. The Athenians went to war with the Persians manned two to one. They were simple foot work forces who were against a well equipt Iranian ground forces.Looking at the history of the invasion of Greece by Persian, it is easy to understand why the Persians were defeated at every invasion.

Their assurance in their Numberss and might blinded them to the fact that with out scheme they would easy free a war to a smaller and less equipt ground forces. The loss at endurance contest was a humiliation to the Persians. It was the hapless determination to interrupt up, with the larger ground forces assailing from the sea, and a smaller force at endurance contest that lead to their licking. While they set out to assail from the sea, the Greeks seized the chance and attacked the staying forces. They fought and won this group, so they drove them away towards the sea, as the 2nd Iranian unit arrived by sea, they found the withdrawing forces with the Greeks this clip ready and waiting at the Bankss of the sea.Obviously scheme in war was a cardinal factor in the triumph over the Persians. It is of import to retrieve that the period covered by these wars was the age in which these two great imperiums were spread outing. The Iranian Empire and the Grecian imperium were invariably in competition for metropoliss to agree.

After the loss of 490 BC it took another 10 old ages before the Persians could assail in 480-479 BC, with the decease of Darius it took clip for his boy to garner forces and onslaught Athens. It is this clip the Greeks got ready for conflict, they had clip to fix, as they were good cognizant of the fact that the two imperiums were invariably clashing over district. During this period the Greeks put up a naval defence force at Aegean.The Iranian invasion of 480 BC under Xerxes began, with a immense ground forces of 100s of 1000s. Xerxes was transporting out his male parent ‘s program of taking over Greece. The conquering of Greece was seen as really of import in the constitution of the imperium. A encouragement to their morale, as it was before was their monolithic ground forces.

Xerxes was defeated because in every bit much as he had a great ground forces, he was non prepared in the schemes of war. Xerxes was blinded by the desire to carry through his male parents deceasing wants that he forgot to fix his ground forces fro the conflict in front.Xerxes aspiration in agring Athens and doing the Greek imperium portion of the Persian Empire blinded him to the fact that the Greeks may hold been fixing themselves for another onslaught. Xerxes failed to fix his ground forces for this invasion since, it was a good known fact that the Iranian ground forces was used to conflict on the fields of Asia.

They were non physically prepared to conflict in the Grecian environment. This is a decisive factor in conflict as the status of the soldiers is paramount in the winning of a conflict.Another major ground that Xerxes lost to the Greeks was that his ground forces, in every bit much as it was monolithic in sheer Numberss they lacked equipment as compared to the Greeks. The 10 twelvemonth interruption during which the Persians did non assail, all the clip the Greeks needed to develop, arm and equip themselves fro war. The failure of Xerxes to recognize that fact was an mistake on his portion. It was common cognition that the two imperiums were in changeless struggle over their boundaries, with each seeking to support its concurred metropoliss. Therefore Xerxes should hold been richly prepared to hold a complete return over of Athens.

He should hold strategised more in sing the fact that Athens was non a little metropolis, it was the place of the Greek imperium, an imperium that had a big district and had concurred the E.The Iranian ground forces apart from holding adapted to the Asiatic fields, they were defeated because ; they were non able to properly lookout. A ground fro this is the fact that on their manner into Greece they decided to do a base at Thermopylae, this was a mountain base on balls. This was a hapless determination because they were used to engaging war on huge conflict Fieldss non narrow way ways.

They war scheme and preparation was on the unfastened land. The other fact was that they had deployed a immense ground forces ; this ground forces was utilizing the mountain base on balls into Greece. This was a immense mistake because it restricted their motion in the land. The Iranian ground forces had invested to a great extent in Numberss and non equipment. The minute they got into this base on balls, and the fact that they were sick equipped gave the Greeks an advantage.The 10 twelvemonth period between the invasion of 490 BC and 480 BC, apart from giving the Greeks clip to fix, it besides assisted them in constructing a good relation with the Spartans.

This is apparent due to the fact that the minute the Persians attacked the Spartans were there alongside the Greeks contending them. The naval force that the Greeks had built at Aegean helped support Athens from the sea. The Spartans merely like the Greeks were familiar with the Grecian district and landscape.

It is for this ground that they were able to crush a big Iranian ground forces at the mountain base on balls at Thermopylae.Xerxes on the other manus should non hold waited for excessively long to pay war on Athens. He should hold instantly followed up on his male parent programs of onslaught shortly after the first licking. It is the pride of the Persian that made him free the invasions.

They gave the Athenians clip to adequately fix themselves and strengthen their metropoliss. I believe if they had followed up a repetition onslaught instantly after the loss at endurance contest they would hold defeated Athens.The Persians pride in his ground forces besides resulted in his licking, this pride blinded him to the fact that though they seemed superior in size to the Greeks.

The Greeks on the other manus was besides a formidable force. The Greeks were besides a people that had waged war on communities both big and little and had conquered for themselves big countries. They were an advanced people that leant from their experiences and travels.

It goes without stating that the Greeks learnt the first few times, each clip the Persians invaded and lost the Greeks were left fixing themselves for the following onslaught. They prepared they ground military personnels and fortified their beaches ; they even built a naval base to support their beaches.The Persians overlooked the fact that the Greeks were a formidable force that was non to be reckoned with.

What the Greeks lacked in Numberss they made do in readying and equipment. For the many grounds that are given for the licking of the Persians in the invasion of 480 BC, the most convincing fact is the ground forces ‘s readying in war. The Irani may hold had a immense ground forces, but the Greeks had a good armoured ground forces, after the onslaught at endurance contest they went a caput and prepared themselves even making a naval force, they even sort the helper of the Spartans. The Persians did non hold a clear war scheme, it seemed they were driven by the unsighted fury that emperor Darius had created and natured.

They did non look to hold a clear scheme apart from onslaught and conquer and get Greece for their imperium. The Greeks took advantage of this to their success ; they knew when to interrupt Franks and when to assail. The Persians would hold won the conflict of 480 BC had they non used the mountain base on balls in their sheer Numberss barricading them in, concentrating them in a little country, that left them venerable. If they had used a lookout they would hold marked out the district to their advantage.


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