Analyze The Avon Product Inc Commerce Essay

The study has been designed to analyze the Avon Product Inc that has been undergone by major strategic alteration. Furthermore this study has been divided into two parts, first portion of the study will explicate the administration back land and the strategic alteration that has been adopted, farther 2nd portion of the study will discourse the influence of external environmental forces, how they affect on the administration public presentation.

Avon Vision Statement

: “ To be the company that best understands and satisfies the merchandise service and self-fulfillment demands of adult females – globally

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Administration Background

Avon is the largest marketer, seller and maker of beauty related merchandises around the universe. Avon generates 98 % of its gross from cosmetics merchandises. The company markets to adult females in more than 110 states through more than Five 1000000s independent sale representatives.

Merchandises classs are for case skin care, aromas, cosmetics, toilet articless and besides jewelry, tickers, place merchandises tapers and playthings. Furthermore, 98 % of the company gross revenues are generated via direct gross revenues. This gross revenues attack had besides been successful in the Asian and Latin America market. However, could non be for the American market.

Strategic alteration

Harmonizing to Lynch ( 2006 ) , define “ Strategic alteration is the pro-active direction of alteration in administrations to accomplish clearly identified strategic aims. It may be undertaken utilizing either normative or emergent strategic attacks ” .

Avon ‘s strategic alteration

Harmonizing to Johnson ( 2008 ) define in orders to name the strategic alteration within administration, it is of import to see the type of alteration that is required and besides place the type of alteration that has been adoptedFor over the last 124 old ages, being a planetary maker and seller of beauty related merchandises, Avon has been adopted several alterations and devoted to authorise adult females by assisting them to look beautiful.Avon major strategic alterations are:Avon has invested the 1000000s on research & A ; development to convey the advanced merchandises and besides focused on the additions advertizement for the sustainability of trade name fight.

Avon eliminated the beds of Hierarchal direction and redesigned the organizational construction to take the full advantage of Global saleAvon helped million of adult females across the universe to construct a better hereafter for case, provide the chances to go, enterprisers, representative or their ain concern proprietor.

Organizational construction

Harmonizing to Carnall, ( 2007 ) ideal organizational construction is based on the right balance of information, resources and power to back up the administration aim.On geographically Avon operates concern in six parts and has gross revenues operation in 63 states besides merchandises are distributed more than 52 states in the universe.

Primarily Avon conducts concern through direct merchandising and selling by 1000000s of Avon independent representative. Generally distributor purchased merchandises straight from Avon on discounted monetary value besides Avon provide an chance to their representative to pull off their concern online including two manner communicating with Avon. Furthermore in some states for case in USA, representatives can construct their ain web page for the gross revenues of Avon Products.

Organizational CULTURE

Harmonizing to Cameron, ( 2004 ) , if current organizational civilization does non back up to accomplish the administration objectives or ends so administration should affect themselves to alter organizational cultural in order to accomplish the organizational ends.

However, since 1866 Avon organizational cultural is the most recognizable and considered the pioneered to sell the cosmetics merchandises via utilizing direct merchandising theoretical account and go on to keep the same gross revenues theoretical account since its foundation. Furthermore, 98 % of gross of the cosmetics merchandise which is 6 billion dollar is come from direct merchandising theoretical account which impressed the other decorative companies to follow the direct sale theoretical account.Appendix 3 illustrates Avon ‘s organisational civilization by utilizing the cultural web theoretical account from Johnson and Scholes ( 2005 ) .

Stakeholder analysis

Harmonizing to Spicker ( 2008 ) province the stakeholder analysis will explicate, how external and internal stakeholder influence on the administration, and what ‘s there demands and outlooks, besides what administration demand from each of them.

Stakeholder analysis for Avon






GovernmentWorldwideHighHighAssortedThe acceptation to run into the all local, national and environmental Torahs of the state where they operate.

StockholdersHighHighPositiveAlways take involvement on maximization of portions value and dividend.CustomersHighLowPositiveTake active involvement in merchandises and visual aspect.CommunitiesLowLowAssortedTake involvement in the regard of utilizing natural resources, environmental issues and minimisation of recycling and reuse patterns.SuppliersLowLowImpersonalSurety of contracts and payment.Take involvement to add value to bring forth the merchandises.MediaMediumMediumNegativeAlways take involvement to print negative factors sing harmful ingredients of cosmetics merchandises.Executive squadHighHighPositiveNeed to appreciate the whole administration attempt and give wages and reorganise the attempt of representatives and employees worldwide.EmployeesHighLowPositiveExpect to accomplish fiscal demand and economical independency and back up their felicity.

The cardinal environmental influences

The PEST model classs environmental influences into four chief types: political, economic, societal, technological.

Political factors

Avon ‘s merchandises Inc concern ranges cover many states and it offers attacks to adult females who work in those states to achieve fiscal independency and good public presentation. In some states, this move is regard as a manner to progress the economic growing and make personal wealth. However, owing to the political differences among states, it causes different influences on Avon ‘s corporate scheme. For case, there is a Data Protection Act within the European Union which is aimed at protecting the privateness and safety of personal information. Different execution kineticss of this policy in Europe states will hold different effects on Avon ‘s representatives naming door to door.

Economic factors

The cardinal dominant factors that influence on clients for purchasing Avon merchandises are their economical status, rising prices and involvement rates. Simultaneously, Avon is besides affected by currency fluctuations rates.

Avon has employed about 5.3 million representatives and this leads to the free and actively cosmetics market to sell and purchase Avon ‘s merchandises.

Social factors

Consumers ‘ penchants and purchasing powers has changed by clip to clip and they are related to the local civilization and personal working conditions. Countries in different climes and environmental fortunes would commend different decorative merchandises for their citizens and this is a large concern for Avon to make the end that non merely value and incorporate the similarities among different clients but besides regard and make the differences of their demands.

The top aim of Avon is to function adult females all over the universe with its merchandises to make their indistinguishable aspiration — look their best at all topographic points at all clip.

Technological factors

The revolution and invention of engineering can act upon the behaviour of peoples. In the procedure of researching and merchandise development, decorative industry ever put new merchandises into a place of effect. Avon ‘s scheme is to heighten the trade name fight through puting 1000000s on the research and development of its merchandises and increasing the advertizement of its merchandises on media.


Pull offing alteration

Harmonizing to Mullins ( 2010 ) External environment can impact the organizational public presentation and administration effectual public presentation will depends on the interaction of its external environment.

SWOT analysis

Strength – Avon merchandises are sold in 110 states around the universe by five 1000000s representatives.

The merchandises are sold in relatively moderate monetary values. Additionally, characteristics of personalization in client service, creative activity in merchandises design and satisfaction warrant are the cardinal factors which provide Avon a competitory advantage among the decorative industry. Furthermore Avon uses assortment of electronic order systems to assist representatives to increase the truth of concern procedure and efficient concern operations.

The cost-efficient gross revenues schemes and the diverseness of concern theoretical account give Avon the ability to be the superior in decorative market.

A -Revenue growing stable

From the company ‘s record, it shows there was a stable and forceful growing in recent old ages which successful outstripped its cardinal rivals. “ Avon ‘s gross grew at a compounded one-year growing “ rate ( GAGR ) of 10 % during “ FY2006-2008 and this consequence a stable operation of the company.

-A Dominant place provides more chances to pull new consumers

Avon is one of four top trade name leaders in decorative industry with trade name value about $ 5,264 million in the top 100 planetary client companies. The pioneered anti-aging skin care and perfume class induced Avon with broad concern presence and taking place to pull new Opportunities


Worsening North American operation


The worsening tendency of Avon ‘s North America concern has slowed down in FY2008, but compared with FY2007, the entire gross of North America has still decreased 4.

9 % , and Avon ‘s North America operation has contributed 23.3 % to the entire gross of the company at last. Obviously, the top line was affected by the weak public presentation of this geographic section.



Emerging markets

The importance of emerging market such as Brazil with an one-year growing of 20 % , China which has valued approx $ 10,200 million with the tremendous addition of population in future and the sudden growing of economic system will offer a immense potency market for decorative industry.Furthermore The progressively ferocious competitions among decorative market, in order to capture the Brazilian market Avon has announced its program to construct the new distribution Centre in Brazil.


In order to accomplish the planetary recommendation in cosmetics concern and derive the market portion from emerging market, Avon has faced strong competition from its rivals for case, L’Oreal, Unilever and Estee Lauder, Revlon and Procter & A ; Gamble.


This study offers an effort to understand the major strategic alteration undergone by Avon Cosmetics Limited. Furthermore, study evaluated the effectivity of the alteration in relation to Avon ‘s construction, civilization.

Bing a planetary maker and seller of beauty and related merchandises and a direct merchandising administration, Avon was faced with several challenges in the external environment. The factors were: ferocious competitions from transnational companies, consumer behavior worldwide, authorities regulations and ordinances, technological and societal background. It was found that the major strategic alteration does associate to the aims of the organisation and matches the administration ‘s capableness, including its construction, civilization and political relations.



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