Analysis of British Airways from an Investor Perspective Essay

British Airways Plc. is the flag bearer air hose of the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in Waterside near its chief hub at London Heathrow Airport and is the largest air hose in the UK based on fleet size, international flights and international finishs.

Its 2nd hub is London Gatwick Airport. British Airways has discontinued all direct abroad flights from UK airports other than Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airport. ( )The British Airways Group was formed on 1 September 1974 through nationalisation by the Labor Government of the clip.

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BA was formed from two big London-based air hoses, BOAC and BEA, and two much smaller regional air hoses, Cambrian Airways Cardiff and Northeast Airlines Newcastle upon Tyne. All four companies were dissolved on 31 March 1974 to organize British Airways ( BA ) and about 13 old ages subsequently, in February 1987, the company was privatized. The bearer shortly expanded with the acquisition of British Caledonian in 1988 and Gatwick-based bearer Dan-Air in 1992. Despite being a chiefly Boeing client, British Airways placed a major order for Airbus aircraft in November 1998 with the purchase of 89 A320 Family aircraft. In 2007, the bearer placed its following major order, taging the start of its long-haul fleet replacing, telling Airbus A380s and Boeing 787s. The centrepiece of the air hose ‘s long-haul fleet is the Boeing 747-400 ; with 54 illustrations, British Airways is the largest operator of the type in the universe. ( en. )I will be analysing the BA from an investor point of position. The chief thought is to demo a way and a clear position to the investors before they make any measure frontward of doing a determination. For this purpose the study will utilize the Balance sheet, Cash flow statements. As an investor point of position the Profability, Efficiency and the Investor ratios will be analyzed and a general expression and an advice will be found at the ulterior pages of my study. Finally a decision will be given about the concluding ideas.

Corporate Administration

The Company is committed to high criterions of corporate administration. The Board ‘s primary purpose is to guarantee the Company ‘s stockholders for good corporate administration.

The codification of best pattern, set out in Section 1 of the Combined Code as amended from clip to clip and appended to the Listing Rules of the Financial Services Authority ( the ‘Combined Code ‘ ) , has been adopted as the Company ‘s corporate administration statement.The Company is required to describe foremost on how the applications of the chief rules of the Combined Code and secondly to corroborate that it has applied the Code ‘s commissariats or, where it has non, to supply an account.

The Board

The Boards chief purpose is the Company ‘s hazard appraisal ; resource direction, strategic planning and fiscal and operational direction that allow guaranting the duties to stockholders and other stakeholders are understood and met carefully. Some maps are given to commissions dwelling of non-executive managers. The Board by and large meets eight times a twelvemonth, and to boot when necessary, to see all affairs associating to the overall control, concern public presentation and scheme of the Company and in sequence planning. For these intents a agenda of affairs reserved for Board determinations has been established.

The Board has besides drawn up a agenda of affairs which must be reported to it. These agendas are reviewed at least yearly.“ The Chairman leads the Board and the Chief Executive leads the executive direction of the Company.

The non-executive managers are drawn from a scope of concern and other backgrounds. This diverseness is identified by the members as one of the strengths of the Board. Maarten van lair Bergh is the Board ‘s senior independent manager. In this function he is available to the stockholders should they hold any concerns that they have been unable to decide through normal channels. ” ( www. )

Analysis per Class


Tax return on Capital Employed will give an rating of the sum of net income in relation to the sum of money invested into the concern. Entire capital employed was used to obtain this figure, directing attending to how good British Airways utilizes the entire sum of resources they have at their disposal. ROCE decreased by 18 % from 2008 to 2009 significance that the figure for net income decreased in relation to the sum of money invested.Tax return on Equity indicates what return a company is bring forthing on the proprietors ‘ investing. The value in 2008 was 22 % and it went down 16 % in 2009 comparison to twelvemonth to the old twelvemonth. This clearly shows that the stockholders of British Airways did n’t acquire paid good.

Much like ROCE, the values of ROE decreased over the old ages, amounting to a lessening by 41 %The net net income border is expected to diminish in line with the degree of gross revenues. From 2008 to 2009 the gross revenues increased by 3 % both in rider and lading informations. Overall net net income was 11 % in 2008 whereas it went down to -5 % in 2009 demoing the fact that the net income is strongly diminishing even though the gross revenues increased by 3 % comparison to old twelvemonth.Gross net income sort of gives the same consequence as the net net income but the lone little difference is it was 11 % in 2008 and became -3 % in 2009. Basically this besides shows us great loss in net incomes of the company.


Since plus turnover is meant to mensurate the company ‘s efficiency in utilizing its assets, a higher figure is considered better.

Asset turnover has increased from 0.78 in 2008 to 0.86 in 2009. As a consequence of this we can acquire this decision that the company uses its assets expeditiously. The non current plus turnover ratio shows an addition in efficiency in utilizing the noncurrent assets.

This alteration can besides be clearly seen from the addition in net plus turnover by twelvemonth 2009 comparison to 2008.Net plus ratio measures the ability of direction to utilize a house ‘s net assets to bring forth gross revenues gross. The net plus turnover was 2.

52 in 2008 and it increased to 4.61 in 2009 demoing the company is efficient plenty. If the ratio would hold been excessively low we could hold concluded an inefficient direction.


The part of a company ‘s net income allocated to each outstanding portion of common stock. Net incomes per portion service as an index of a company ‘s profitableness. Net incomes per portion are by and large considered to be the individual most of import variable in finding a portion ‘s monetary value. It is besides a major constituent used to cipher the price-to-earnings rating ratio. From our computations EPS has gone down from 0.

6 to – 0.3 in 2009. This clearly shows us the monetary value of the portions gone significantly down from 2008 to 2009.Dividend screen ratio is besides an of import index to stockholders and investors of the public presentation of a company. The company was n’t able to pay and dividends in twelvemonth 2008 but was able to pay some in 2009.

The difference is non much but it increased by a little border. Although 2008 was more profitable twelvemonth than 2009 I believe the board decided non to pay dividend and kept the money for harder yearss. The ground for this could be the fact that the board already expected the approaching planetary crisis.

In general, a high P/E suggests that investors are anticipating higher net incomes growing in the hereafter compared to companies with a lower P/E. The computations show us the P/E ratio is lower in 2009 than 2008 to a value of -691 to 345. This clearly shows that the investors do n’t anticipate high net incomes from the company in 2009.


The efficiency ratios show that the company is efficient. The plus turnover, non-current plus turnover and the net plus turnover is increasing comparison to 2008.

This is a good mark that the company uses the assets in the right way. On the other manus the profitableness of the company is in large uncertainties! The money invested in concern ( ROCE ) and return on equity is traveling down aggressively. At this status the sum of an investing does non deserving comparison to the net income you receive after. Basically in 2009 it is a large loss. Return on equity shows the stockholders are non good paid compared to the sum of their investing.

Once we take a expression at the investing ratios which is the chief subject of our assignment than we figure out how severely the portion monetary values and monetary value per net incomes go down. Currently British Airways is non a good investing. The ground for this can be the current planetary crisis and shrinkage of the rider traffic all over the universe. I recommend waiting a small spot more clip and watching the approaching developments in the air hose traffic. Even though in twelvemonth 2009 the dividends were paid but the sum is excessively small and does non give much hope. My personal sentiment is to avoid BA portions. Subsequently on it may be a profitable company but presently it is non deserving seting your money on it.


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