Analysis ”Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan Essay Sample

After reading “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan. it was strict for Asiatic Americans larning the English linguistic communication. The article discusses the different linguistic communications of English that Tan had learned and often used throughout her life. Then the troubles that she had larning in school because English wasn’t her best topic. Additionally.

were issues that follow along her. due to the manner Amy’s mother spoke English. English as a 2nd linguistic communication for Tan was really hard. but through her errors. she succeeded. When she became a author. it got easier after she realized the assortment of linguistic communications she had already spoke throughout her life-time.She invariably used diverse linguistic communications with multiple people and had perfectly no thought she was.

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It became easier for Amy to distinguish and rectify herself. Tan’s life was difficult for her to go the aspirant author she wanted to be. As an Asiatic American. to win in something that no 1 believed she could was foolish. And even though English wasn’t Amy’s foremost linguistic communication. in the long tally it changed her apprehension of the English linguistic communication. Tan’s intent was to demo us how linguistic communication can divide.

unite. or isolate those who don’t speak perfect English. Literacy should hold no restrictions on how people view other people. Quotation marks“I believed that her English reflected the quality of what she had to say” ( Tan 635 ) . This quotation mark gives me the thought that Amy’s female parents English was perfect to her. but imperfect to other people.

naming Tan’s female parents English “broken” . “It has become our linguistic communication of familiarity. a different kind of English that relates to household talk.

the linguistic communication I grew up with” ( Tan 634 ) . Family talk is the linguistic communication she grew up speaking to her female parent in that sounds perfect to her. but imperfect to others.


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