An Solar cells are sometimes called photovoltaic

     An organism is an individual form of life, every living organism is made of cells. A cells is the basic unit of structure and function in living organisms. Some organism are made of trillions of cells or more, while other organisms are made of just one cell.

      Scientists are using God’s creation the sun to make easier people easier in there everyday daily. In 1954,Bell Laboratories invented the first photovoltaic or solar cell made from the semiconductor silicon and other elements. Robert Hooke was the first described cell in 1665 time after looking at a piece of cork under a microscope. Ten years later Anton van Leeuwenhoek identified the first unicellular organism.     The cell theory  contains the following three: All organisms are composed of cells.Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living organisms.All cell are produced from other cells.

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   Solar cells or known as  photovoltaic is an electronic that uses sunlight to make electricity. Solar cells are sometimes called photovoltaic cells due to their use of sunlight. Solar cells are used to make solar modules which then turns into the object known today as solar panels.      Solar energy is distributed generation, which means solar installations such as solar panels are fitted on roofs or in large groups at ground level near to the supply point for electricity. Battery cells are not so different from solar panel cells because both are used to make electronic ,but as will there is a total difference a battery cells is formed from chemicals when solar panel cells generate power by sunlight.     Daily the Earth receives 164 watts of solar energy.

Photovoltaic a word that comes from the Greek meaning light  and Italian pioneer Alessandro Volta. If put a table table lamp every couple meters on the Earth’s surface it is possible that the Earth could be lit up. What the sun send out to earth arrives as heat and light, but heat is not very useful when it comes to have electricity for a our house.     Photons can sometimes be confused with light year because both are a beam of sunlight. Solar cells can get photons and makes them into electrons. Energy can take out silicon when the sunlight is on the solar cell. Conductors is something that let electricity to go through. Insulators is something that is dening electricity to go through.

 Semiconductor are not insulators nor conductors because it does not lead electricity.     Photovoltaic solar cells have different types of it. To start with there is the first- generation a water of crystalline silicon. Then there is the second generation is a flexible thin-film cell. The last type the third generation is a combination of the second and first generation.    Cells carry out functions for the survival of an organism.

The function that cells perform are similar to many of the same basic functions that organisms perform.                   


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