An Report on Finance Management of College Students Essay

The purpose of this report is to show how college students manage finance. With the development of social economy, people now draw more attention on finance management.

It has become an important part in social life to manage finance well. College students form a special range in consumer market. On the one hand, they are not financially independent, getting most of the money from their parents. On the other, as young men and women, they gradually develop their personal ways of living and have a strong willing to consume.The conflict between money and desire becomes more obvious. The main topics that will be discussed in this report include their ability to manage finance, their consuming capacity and direction.

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Problem How much money do we have in a semester? How do we manage it? Are we content with our finance plan? These questions are often asked in college. College is like a small society . With the development of economy, people pay more attention on how to manage finance well. As the special group between social man and students, college students form a special range in consumer market.On the one hand, they are not financially independent, getting most of the money from their parents. They don’t know the difficulties of making money, so they may not realize the importance of finance management. On the other, as young men and women, they gradually develop their personal ways of living and have a strong willing to consume. What’s more, more and more people prefer shopping on line to shopping in shops because of lacking time.

They use credit card instead of crash for convenience. So they can use their money more freely.It becomes more important to know how students in our school manage finance and what they concerned about. So we design a questionnaire to investigate the finance attitude of the college students and the way they spend their money. By analyzing the data, we want to find the problems about finance management. With the rising use of the Internet, personal finance magazines and TV shows, people can find information on investing easily.

College students lack the experience of managing finance, they have great possibility to make mistakes. We want to solve the problems.According to the conclusion we get, we will give reasonable advises on student’s finance management. We hope it can help students make their own finance plan. Methods Putting the plan into action took about 4 weeks.

First, team members (Zhou Shuo and Zhu Kejia ) designed a questionnaire, the others (Zhou Ying and Zhou Li) proofread it and got it printed. Then, we handed out the questionnaire in students’ dormitories and classrooms. We tried to make the male female ratio balance. After that, we analyzed the date and drew a conclusion. We searched information on line and find some related books.We compared our data to data analysis in order to find the difference. At last, we wrote a survey report and made a PPT presentation. Analysis Having finished the questionnaire, we analyzed the data together and figured out the percentage of every selection of the answers.

By analyzing the data we collected, we got these results. 1. We handed out 100 pieces of questionnaire paper and got back 98 valuable ones. The people we investigated including 48 males and 50 females. 10% of them are freshmen, 30% are sophomores,38% are junior students,21% are senior students, and 3% are postgraduate students. . Above 85% of the people’s family have reach a living standard of basic need, and nearly half have a fairly comfortable life.

Due to the rising living standard, nearly 70% can have an income about over 500 RMB every month, and over 40% have more than 700 RMB. 3. The money mainly comes from the family (about 90%). 20% take the scholarship as a part of expenses. 8% earn money from part-time work.

And 5% loan money from the bank. 4. 100% of the students spend the money on food and drink. 45% on studying, 35% on buying clothes and cosmetics, 25% on entertainment. 5. % of the students have no consuming plan. 33% sometimes have a plan but can’t put it into effect. 60% have a brief consuming plan and they can carry it out flexibly.

5% has a detailed plan and they can put it into great effect. 6. 8% of the students think they have no ability or consciousness on finance management. Over 50% think they have consciousness but weak in ability. About 40% think they have a strong consciousness.

And only 5% are completely satisfied with their ability on finance management. 7. Presently, 43% of the students want to know something about deposit in bank. 3% want to know about investing in fund and stock. About 25% don’t want to know anything about the finance products.

Conclusion From the analyzed data we get and connect with our life experience, we draw the following conclusions: 1. With the development of social economy, people now have a better living condition. And the university students have more money than before, too.

The source of their income mainly from their family, but in the meantime, some can earn money from part-time work, scholarship and loan from the bank. That is, they are partly independent in finance.Also, the ways the spent the money various.

Apart from the expenses on basic need, they still have a lot of money that they can decide how to use by them own. 2. Most students think that finance management is important for them. As the data shows, most students are able to manage systematically. However, there are still a number who can’t manage finance well.

But in an optimistic way, we see that many of the students have a detailed plan on how to spend. Also, many show an interest in finance products and some have already been the customers.Here we get some advices for the university students on financial management.

1. Make the best use of College Student Loan and other kinds of scholarship. 2. Record the income and expense in every month, and gain a balance by reducing the unnecessary expense. 3. Get a part-time job if you need . 4.

Deposit your saving into the bank. And make use of Education Deposit to gain more interest. 5.

Try to invest a small amount of money in some finance product, such as stocks to make a preparation for your personal finance in the future.


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