Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary An Overview of ABC Plc Essay

An Overview of ABC Plc Essay

Table of ContentssCompany OverviewUK operation OverviewTax Changes in UKU.S.A Operation OverviewJapan Operation OverviewInvesting State AnalysisRegulation and RulesTax and Licensing CostLocal AnalysisChallenges:Economic Development in the partHazard FactorsEconomic ConditionLegal un-certaintyRegulatory and Tax HazardSecurity ConcernEfficient OperationCustomer AnalysisRecommendationsMentionsTable of Figures

Company Overview

ABC Plc, a big transnational Oil and Gas Company, operates in USA, UK and Japan and its chief activities are boring, refinement and distributing oil and gas.ABC Plc has non been doing net incomes for the last 3 old ages in USA and Japan due to terrible economic recession and direction is be aftering to discontinue US and Nipponese activities because of uninterrupted loss. Current net income and loss history of the company public presentation reveals the undermentioned information.

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USA Japan United kingdom All
Entire Cost 950 700 450 2100
Less: Variable Cost 750 500 250 1500
Entire Fixed Cost 200 200 200 600
Gross saless Gross 700 650 800 2150
Group Net Net income 500 450 600 50
Contribution cost ( 50 ) 150 550 650
Fixed Cost 200 200 200 600
Profit/Loss ( 250 ) ( 50 ) 350 50

Above computation of ABC Plc’s net income and loss shows that company is confronting hurdlings in U.S and Japan operations are in terrible loss particularly in U.S concern.

In order to confirm the company’s determination to shut the U.S and Japan operation, analysis of all states in which company operation is required. Following is the overview of the company state based operations.

UK operation Overview

UK’s bulk Oil militias are located offshore in the UK Continental shelf ( UKCS ) , and most of the oil production occurs in the cardinal and northern subdivisions of the North Sea. Even though on shore there is a diffident sum of oil produced, in 2012 more than 90 per centum of entire UK production were offshore.

( United Kingdom Analysis, 2013 )Although UK’s reservoirs are aging and substructure have been affected the oil production in last few old ages, The authorities of UK does non keep any direct involvement in oil production, but this sector remains of import to the authorities because Corporation Tax and Supplementary Tax income comes from the Oil sector and accounts about 25 per centum of corporate revenue enhancement grosss, harmonizing to Oil and Gas UK. ( United Kingdom Analysis, 2013 )

Tax Changes in UK

There have been a figure of revenue enhancement alterations from 2011 that affected the sector, which includes the alteration in the rate of auxiliary charge ( an add-on to the corporate revenue enhancement ) . Furthermore, crude oil gross revenue enhancement ( PRT ) is increased to 81 per centum of their net incomes ( old 75 % rate ) , and Fieldss that are non capable to PRT now pay a 62 % revenue enhancement ( 50-percent rate in the yesteryear ) . ( United Kingdom Analysis, 2013 )Because of the addition in revenue enhancements most of the UK undertakings have become less competitory. Operating cost addition with higher revenue enhancements has resulted in reduced investing.

Even without the increased revenue enhancements, runing costs in the UK were really high which besides discourage investors.

U.S.A Operation Overview

U.S Oil production has boomed from last decennary doing U.

S to less rely on oil imports and other states. But this addition has come with the greater cost. Besides it is speculated that this roar will non last more than a decennary ensuing in depletion of resources and maturating the militias. Large participants in the sector are gaining from the roar but increased statute law and Torahs including labour etc. doing it hard for the little houses to last and go on production.

Cost Inflation rate in USA is increasing doing companies more to pass on operations without run intoing the demand to increase activity and production volumes. Besides the monetary value altering un-certainty disputing the capital budgeting and estimated net income, big enlargement and development is besides on traveling. It will be difficult to put in new sites for little participants.Figure 4


After analysing the U.S, UK and Japan Current state of affairs and future investing chances for the ABC Plc in developing state, following recommendation has been suggested.

  • U.S and Japan operation of company is doing a great loss and go oning it will harm the company and even cost to shuting the concern.
  • ABC Plc operation in UK is profitable for the company but non in the long tally, increasing cost will impact the concern.
  • It is imperative to farther invest in other states and shut the U.S and Japan operation as Nipponese authorities and oil production companies are besides seeing chances to put in other states.
  • ABC Plc can put in any state in the African part but Congo will be the best instance pick, as authorities is welcoming the FDI’s and have less limitation and barriers to entry.

  • For investing in any state Supply is one of the critical factors and Congo has abundant resources in militias which needs farther geographic expedition, doing it impossible to diminish in future supply.
  • Congo’s current oil clients include large states hence the demand is speculated to be un-interrupted or lessen in approaching old ages.
  • Congo has a comparatively unagitated political state of affairs as compared with other little developing states. Making it a good chance for investors.

ABC Plc planning for investings in developing part affirm by the proposed project’s capital budgeting. Undertakings PBP, NPV and IRR ( insertion method ) has been calculated in order to take the right determination.

Undertakings life has been estimated for four old ages with the PBP of 3.5 Old ages. PBP shows that in 3 old ages company will retrieve the initial cost of investing in the part. NPV of undertaking investing at 7 % rate suggests that undertaking is profitable and will bring forth good gross. This gross addition will besides helpful to the ABC Plc for their hereafter investing programs and the positive NPV will increase the value of house every bit good. Project’s IRR has been calculated at 7 % and 14 % rate which show that undertaking is acceptable at 7 % and above rate but less than 13 % . IRR suggests that undertakings should be acceptable every bit far as the IRR is greater than the cost of capital rate which in this instance is 7 % .


It is suggested for ABC Plc to shut the concern in Japan and U.S. and put in Congo to go on its net income for approaching old ages.

Although there are still risk nowadays in puting in a underdeveloped state but clip and cost make this as a best pick in this scenario.


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Table of Figures

Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3Figure 41