An Olympic Dream Essay

If there were any place I would like to visit it would be wherever the Olympics were being held that year.

This has been a huge dream of mine since I started playing sports and saw the Olympics on television. Every four years it occurs in a different country, where everything is different than here in the United States. Visiting a different country while the Olympics are taking place is a two in one deal. Since it only happens every four years it makes it even that much more special being in another country.Going to the Olympics is a once and a life time experience; you travel overseas, watch sporting events, and is in a complete different atmosphere. When it comes to traveling, I love flying in an airplane.

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Going overseas from Tulsa, Oklahoma is at least a ten hour flight which would evolve of the flight attendant’s serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While eating they would play a movie, appropriate for all ages. Every day I am there I will not eat anything normal for Americans.Experiencing all different types of food will give me a better feel of where I am and getting a better feel of what the people are like. Being able to see how other people live there life and attack everyday life. I am interested in finding out how much different or the same they are with American’s. I wonder if they do the things we do in life and what the atmosphere in sports are like.

Sports are my world and keep me going every day. Ever since I was young I have been in love with every kind of sport.I grew up playing baseball, basketball, and football competitively.

When I wasn’t playing those three sports, I would try playing all of the other different sports they play in the Olympics. Going to the Olympics I would be able to see all these sports actually being played, not only by normal athletes but by the best of best all around the world. There are more sports than just the ones we see on television here in America like ping pong, canoeing, biking, gymnastics, and so much more. Here in the United States, we love our athletics. We have ailgating for almost every major sport and most of every stadium is sold out. During a Green Bay, Packer game it is unbelievably hard to hear on the field because of us fans screaming our heads off.Since other countries don’t have American football I want to know how much they love other sports like futball (soccer). Being in another country you get to see amazing architecture, different religions, and a complete different atmosphere with better ways of transportations in an over populated areas that invite so many travelers.

Unlike here in the U. S. they us subways and trains as their main source of transportation. It would be a once and a life time experience to travel on a train or subway. I’ve heard in a lot of homes overseas it is an insult to wear your shoes in the house of someone who lives there.

I would love to go worship god in the ways people do across seas. Being a Christian, I love seeing how other people worship god and what makes live life how they live it. Once my travel comes to an end I would become a better American and know more about the world that surrounds me.Eating different foods will probably give me even more of a reason to be happy for being an American. Sports are played different in other countries even if they are the same as American sports. I’m glad to have my own vehicle to transport me from place to place. Subways and trains seems too crowded for me.

For the fans, I believe our fans love and are more passionate about our sports. From traveling on an airplane for at least ten hours to viewing different religions is a once in a life time experience seeing the Olympics in action.


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