An Example of The Precession of Simulacra in Popular Culture Essay Sample

I chose the Bratz Dolls. a sketch:Phase 1 THE REAL: Women – female parents. sisters. married womans. aunts. The existent thing is their muliebrity or what makes them feminine such as their organic structure contour.

their higher-pitched voice and their delicate characteristics.Phase 2 THE COUNTERFEIT: The sketch Bratz Dolls are overdone versions of adult females. They have large eyes. overly-puckered lips and large caputs to overemphasize their faces and therefore beauty itself.Phase 3 Production: The Bratz has in recent old ages become a fad.

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They have produced dolls. off-the-rack apparels. makeup. party stuffs.

a web site and rather late. a film.Phase 4 Simulation: Children adore the Bratz and female parents rush to shops to purchase these playthings and merchandises for them. As kids become addicted to the sketch and the merchandises.

they easy build an feeling that adult females should look and speak the manner the Bratz do. They create a construct of beauty which involves excessively made-up faces. large eyes. long hair and pouted lips. This becomes their world.


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