An Examination Of Black Elk S Essay

, Research PaperAn Examination of Black Elk s& # 8220 ; High Horse s Courting & # 8221 ;What Does It Take?In the short narrative & # 8220 ; High Horse s Courting & # 8221 ; , Black Elk writes about the adversities a immature Sioux adult male, like himself, would hold to make when seeking to acquire the adult female that he loved. Black Elk uses many different objects to assist steer the reader through the narrative which help maintain the readers involvement, give us perspective into another society, and let a glance into his life.The narrative is many times amusing and bizarre do to the pathetic steps that the chief character, High Horse, goes through to seek to win the bosom of the miss in which he wants to get married. Although much of the narrative is meant to be humourous, Black Elk is non roasting the immature male child. On the cuantrary, in the first paragraph Black Elk puts himself in the immature adult males topographic point and agrees that if he himself was in that place that he would make everything in his power to have the manus of the immature maiden. Black Elk makes it rather clear that he admires the courage that the male child showed in his pursuit to steal the miss off and do her his ain. The reader besides senses some understanding from Black Elk towards the immature adult male.In the 2nd paragraph Black Elk starts by presenting the job and goes on to explicate how he would respond to those jobs.

He does this before presenting the chief character, therefore doing it look as though the narrative is about him self when in fact it is approximately High Horse. This adds a sense of personalization between the writer and the chief character, and adds a new dimension to how the reader portrays the chief character.From there He goes on to explicate the jokes of High Horse in his small town. With a small aid from his close friend Red Deer, High Horse causes disturbance while seeking to win the bosom of the immature adult female.

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Black Elk puts the character High Horse through an mixture of challenges that seem to be in vena. Though the undertakings may non hold originated with Black Elk, the reader frequently gets the feeling that he has gone through similar, if non the same, experience through the in depth descriptions.In the narrative Black Elk besides describes the parents of the immature adult female. Though he does non give physical descriptions, he does give an history of how they feel for the immature adult female, and how he sees them. The male parent is foremost described as a obstinate adult male when in paragraph six and seven he would non take the Equus caballuss in which High Horse was seeking to merchandise for his doughtier. ( 221 ) The Father did this once more when High Horse came once more with a twofold offer.

So the reader gets a sense of the overprotective male parent, and in a sense that impression is right. It is subsequently revealed that the male parent was looking for person that would be brave plenty to make something outside of the normal bounds and still remain respectable in the eyes of the folk. The same can be said about the miss s female parent, as she hovers over her doughtier, giving her an copiousness of attending. The female parent ties down her doughtier every night so that person can non steal her off while she sleeps. This somewhat mirrors the male parent s feelings and gives the reader a feel that it would take something really strong to interrupt the bonds between the household. Black Elk provides an overprotective feel for the parents but in the terminal it turns out that the parents merely want the best for their kid, every bit long as it followed tradition, which is frequently the instance of present twenty-four hours households. This is of import because the actions taken by High Horse where a little less than traditional. But because of his attempts and his bravery he finds that he has earned the right to the miss s manus.

It is obvious that Black Elk, in explicating this narrative, is composing this narrative with personal experience to steer the flow of the narrative. He provides a amusing narrative while explicating his personal yesteryear and the yesteryear of his civilization. With that he is able to maintain the readers involvement, give us perspective into another society, and let a glance into his life.Work CitedBlack Elk & # 8220 ; High Horse s Courting. & # 8221 ; The Little, Brown Reader. Eighth erectile dysfunction.

Ed. Marcia Stubbs and Sylban Barnet. New York: Longman. 2000.



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