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AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM VERSUS CANADA EDUCATION SYSTEMOne day I found this phrase in a magazine “Those who neglect the education of their young people, condemn their future to death” and I asked: Do countries focus on the fundamental pillar of every human being is the education? That must be the first aspect that nations should consider. Therefore, when reading this magazine I remembered that years ago my parents told me, “the education you receive now in school will establish your training in values and knowledge, giving rise to an integrated person capable of adapting to society”. Because what is well built from the beginning, will help in the future and you will contribute to the world to improve it and must strive to achieve it. So, what are the challenges of XXI century education? What differences and similarities in education do nations have? You probably think that the education you receive is the same in other places, but it is not. Let’s focus in America, especially in Canada and the United States, countries put a lot of emphasis on the training of students, where Canada maintains high standards of quality, classifying itself as one of the best educational systems in the world, which invests more in education and in the academic level of them students, but we don´t leave behind the United States, which is especially concerned with education and life-long training of students who are the future of work, helping individual leadership and integrity in professional success and thanks to that, is the first world power. But, what are these countries based on to have one of the best educational systems of each? We will approach three aspects, the methodology, the access (including the three education levels) and the educational environment.I run all student’s papers through a plagiarism checker and here was the result on yours:We have found plagiarism in your text and have also detected 9 writing issues.

 Plagiarism was detected!Grammar Punctuation21Misuse of Semicolons, Quotation Marks, etc.1Punctuation in Compound/Complex SentencesSpelling11Confused WordsEnhancement33Word ChoiceStyle31Unclear Reference1Wordy Sentences1Passive Voice MisuseYour material is far superior to that of your fellow students. Please be sure that this is your own work. I will be looking at your Aladdin essay soon and if there is no plagiarism here then I would expect to see the same writing level in that assignment. You did a great job… if it is your own work!!!

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