Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary American vs French Revolution Essay

American vs French Revolution Essay

Leonard Jones World Civ. MWF 11:00 The American Revolution vs. The French Revolution The American Revolution never went through the radical phases that the French Revolution did. On the same hand, the nineteenth century French government was more conservative than the nineteenth century United States government. The American Revolution was a much more civilized than the French Revolution. Part of that was because of the simple fact that it was more of a political revolution. When trade brought prosperity to the colonies, British forces waged the French and Indian War which eventually led to the Seven Years War.

When the British won this war, it ensures that Britain would dominate global trade. As Britain became a more dominating figure, internationally, at home, their own colonies began to become frustrated with them. Britain kept imposing laws like the Stamp Act and the Quartering Act. All of this eventually led up to the political Revolution in America. Though France was more conservative than the U. S. government, but went through a lot of radical phases. “America had sought independence from British imperial rule, but they were content to retain British law and much of their British social and cultural heritage.

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In contrast, French revolutionary leaders repudiated existed society and sought to replace it with new political, social, and cultural structures. ”(p. 479) Their revolution was more so social than political. The comparison of the American and French Revolution is all very ironic. Since the French had more control over their people, a political revolution was less likely to occur. But since the American’s had already established the Constitution guaranteed individual rights and freedom, it enabled them to have a more rebellious nature and go for a political revolution