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American Third Parties Essay, Research PaperAmerica? s Third Parties? which one is biggest?August, 1999America presently has five nationally organized 3rd parties: Reform, Libertarian, Green, Constitution ( U.S. Taxpayers ) , and Natural Law.

Each of these five parties has received 100,000 ballots for at least one of its campaigners in the past 20 old ages. No other presently bing 3rd party in America has done so. Which of the five is the biggest and strongest is hard to state.The Reform Party can claim laterality in a few recent elections. In the 1996 Presidential run, Ross Perot spent more money and received more ballots ( 8.39 % ) than all other 3rd party campaigners combined.

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The ballot sums were: Reform ( Ross Perot ) 8,085,403, Green ( Ralph Nader ) 685,128, Libertarian ( Harry Browne ) 485,798, U.S. Taxpayers ( Howard Phillips ) 182,820, and Natural Law ( John Hagelin ) 113,671. The Reform Party is the lone 3rd party to presently hold an elected governor ( Jesse Ventura in Minnesota ) .

In 1998 it became the first 3rd party since 1914 to have more than one million ballots for all of its gubernatorial campaigners combined. ( Over half of those ballots were for Jesse Ventura. )The Libertarian Party, founded in 1971, is the oldest of the five nationally organized 3rd parties. The US Taxpayers Party was formed in 1990, Natural Law in 1992, and Reform in 1995. The Greens began forming nationally in 1984 with the formation of the Green Committees of Correspondence. This organisation was replaced by the Green Party USA in 1991, but it ne’er had the support of many province Green Parties. A new organisation, the Association of State Green Parties, formed in 1996, has the support of 23 province parties, and is presently in the procedure of seeking to organize a national party.There have been many different 3rd parties in American history, but most disappeared comparatively rapidly.

The Libertarian Party is one of merely six 3rd parties in U.S. history to hold lasted 25 old ages. If history is any indicant, most of today? s 3rd parties will likely non be about in another 10 or 20 old ages. One factor that increases the opportunity of long-run endurance for a 3rd party is non trusting excessively to a great extent on any one person.

The Libertarian Party is the lone one of the five parties to hold run more than one individual for President, and they have run a different campaigner in each of the past 7 Presidential elections.In 1998 the Libertarian Party ran more campaigners ( 833 ) at all degrees thanall other 3rd parties combined. The Natural Law Party ran 141 campaigners, and the Greens ran approximately 120 campaigners in 1998. The figure of Reform and U.

S. Taxpayers campaigners is believed to be lower. ( If you have a list of campaigners for these parties, delight direct an electronic mail to jc @ )In 1998 the Libertarian Party became the first 3rd party since 1948 to have over 1 % of the entire U.S. House ballot.

( They received 906,808 ballots, or 1.36 % of the entire U.S. House ballot dramatis personae.

) They besides received more entire ballots for their U.S. Senate campaigners than any other 3rd party.The Libertarian Party has the most current officers. There are 261 Libertarians keeping elected or appointed ( largely non-partisan, local ) public offices. The Greens are in 2nd topographic point with 59 officers. The staying parties have really few. ( The Reform party has 6 elected functionaries.

)The Reform and Libertarian parties were the lone two 3rd parties that succeeded in acquiring 1996 Presidential campaigner ballot entree in all 50 provinces ( plus DC ) . The Natural Law Party was on the ballot in 43 provinces ( plus DC ) , the U.S. Taxpayers in 40 provinces ( plus DC ) , and the Greens in 23 provinces ( plus DC ) .

( There were 14 extra 3rd party and independent campaigners, each holding ballot entree in less than 15 provinces. ) The Libertarian Party is the lone 3rd party in American history to accomplish 50-state ballot position two presidential elections in a row.The Libertarian Party is organized in all 50 provinces ( plus DC ) . The Reform Party appears to be organized in all provinces except Wyoming. There are province Green Parties in 28 provinces ( plus DC ) , and province Green organisations in 35 provinces ( plus DC ) .

The U.S. Taxpayers Party has 26 province party affiliates with Websites ; it is unknown how many others they have.

I do non cognize how many provinces have a Natural Law Party.Widespread public support for the Green Party can be seen in the fact that Ralph Nader, their1996 Presidential campaigner, took 4th topographic point behind the D? s, R? s, and Reform, in malice of passing really small money and being on the ballot in merely 23 provinces. About 5 % of his ballots were write-in ballots!Strong support for the U.S.

Taxpayers Party can be seen in the fact that they have the most registered electors. The Numberss as of the November 1998 election were: U.S.

Taxpayers 317,510, Reform 244,356, Libertarian 182,481, Green 118,537, Natural Law 70,032, and others numbering 424,616. ( Note that merely about half of the provinces register electors by party. )


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