American History Essay

The American Revolution posed to be an of import event for both African Americans and adult females. For adult females. the impact of this event solidified their function and topographic point in society ( Courtney. 1999 ) . These adult females made Americans understand their significance and worth in different facets. On the other manus. for African Americans. this event started the procedure of alteration in footings of equality and the prevalent system of bondage.

It is in this light such impact paved the manner as a stepping rock towards deriving freedom and independency from their Masterss ( Hooker. 1996 ) . Comparing the two scenarios ( adult females and African Americans ) . it can be argued that these two groups portion the same rules each one battles for. The lone difference in this is the mode wherein they are applied or the conditions that needs to be addressed. Looking at it. both parties seek to develop a renewed involvement for ( 1 ) freedom. ( 2 ) equality. and ( 3 ) rights.

However. in footings of application. we can see that African Americans blare for this to extinguish the system of bias and detest brought approximately by bondage and apartheid. On the other manus. adult females continue to seek these rules for their desires to be every bit associated with work forces in both rights and duties. Despite these attempts. Americans continue to impede engagement for both African Americans and adult females. For adult females. right to vote was still maintained for work forces ( Courtney. 1999 ) .

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At the same clip. occupations and duties continue to be categorized consequently with small or minimum alterations. On the portion of African Americans. apartheid and bondage continues to be in some provinces. Likewise. bias and racial hatred continues to be present particularly among Southern provinces wherein some African American slaves were subjected ( Hooker. 1996 ) . The leaders in bend justified these actions as a consequence of accommodation and passage procedure wherein leaders and members of society have to adhere to these new set of criterions and norms.

At the same clip. it was better off this manner because some groups continue to prosecute old regulations and rules since they are non subjected to such actions. Last. this enterprise opens up chances for alteration wherein it may turn out to be hard to manage for some leaders. It is through these myriad of grounds that many American leaders tried to restrict down the application of the committedness towards equality.


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