American Civil War Essay Research Paper The

American Civil War Essay, Research PaperThe American Civil WarIn 1860, arguably the universe & # 8217 ; s greatest state was locked in Civil War. Thewar divided the state between the North ( Union ) and South ( Confederate ) .The war lasted five old ages and by 1865 the Confederate forces were genuinelybeaten. Out of this awful war though, where some 600,000 work forces died grewa greater sense of patriotism than is today, unrivalled around the universe.

The American Civil War is interpreted otherwise by many historiographers butmost see the accelerator as bondage, the motive as economic, the resultwas a incorporate national individuality.Slavery was a major issue that triggered the American Civil War. Bondagestarted out, as a few single slaves coming from England that wereby and large white. This changed nevertheless, and shortly the Southern slave bargainersbegan & # 8217 ; stealing & # 8217 ; inkinesss to take back to the South.

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The slaves were forcedto work 16-hour yearss, slave adult females were merely seen as breeders and there wereno Torahs against the colza of a female slave. In 1860 slaves accounted forone tierce of the South & # 8217 ; s population and even still they had no rights ( seeappendix one ) . The Unionist North many people believed it was immoral toain another human being. These people were called Abolitionists. The Southrelied strongly on the slave trade and when the North radius of get rid ofingit, the South radius of organizing there ain state, The Confederate provinces ofAmerica. The South began to see that the North was traveling to take actionagainst the South & # 8217 ; s inhumane slave policy. In early 1860, South Carolinaformed under a new flag, Confederate States of America flag, so that theycould go on to run their slave trade.

What followed was an regulationof sequence which saw the other slave populated provinces besides swear an curseto the Confederate States of America, besides so that they could go ontheir slave trade. This state of affairs was found to be impracticable and it dividedthe state in two. So in the words of Abraham Lincoln, & # 8216 ; A house divideagainst itself can non stand. I believe this state can non digestfor good half-slave, half-free. & # 8217 ; Slavery formed two opposing societiesand could non hold been abolished with out the Civil War.The North was really industrialized and had a stable economic system in comparingto slave-dependant South. During the mid-1800s in-migration to the Northskyrocketed.

Jones says, & # 8216 ; the in-migration ( many escaping the Irish murphydearth ) were willing to work for about anything and withstand inhumanemill conditions. & # 8217 ; Although this development was highly barbarous andmuch like the intervention of the slaves in the South, the Northern economic systemprofited vastly ( Brinkley,1991:264 ) . Come 1860, the Union had anoverpowering advantage over the South. The North played host to 109,974industrial houses whereas the South had merely 18, 026. The Northern Statesbesides produced 96 % of the engines in the full state, and as forpieces, more of them were made in Connecticut than in all the Southernmills combined ( “ Civil War ” , Encyclopedia Americana:1988 ) . TheSoutherner & # 8217 ; s believed cotton to be their biggest industry and economicboosted during the Civil War but they had no mills capable oftreating the cotton. The cotton was sent to Northern mills to beprocessed for a fraction of the monetary value the Union sold it back to them for.

This rhythm entirely made a immense foible in the economic systems. So with all theindustrial and many economical advantages over the South was it any admirationthat the North were winning in the Civil War?The cost of the Civil was enormous non merely in money but in lives taken.By 1865, the South surrendered, bondage was abolished and President Lincolnwas assassinated the entire cost of the War for all American & # 8217 ; s was around 15billion dollars but priceless for the 600,000 lives lost.

What came out ofthis war nevertheless suprised everyone, in the following centaury America was seenas the strongest state in the universe. The cause of the war was eventuallyresolved when bondage was abolished and because of this many inhumane slaveproprietors went bankrupt with out the slaves running the farms.What followed the American can merely be described as the birth of a UnifiedNational Identity. In this period of 5 old ages in which many people died manyof America & # 8217 ; s major job have been solved. Since the Civil war towns havebeen rebuilt, mew industries flourish, and new schools have been erected.

Now in America both the North and South live prosperously and peacefullytogether. Schenck describes America at the stopping point of the war as, & # 8216 ; Adeveloping industrial state emerged from the Civil War and there was agreater sense of nationalism. & # 8217 ; This same sense of patriotism has beenfostered and developed throughout the last 135 old ages to organize arguably theuniverse & # 8217 ; s greatest state.


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