American Airlines Essay

Our group was given a case study; case study 1 to figure out the contemporary workplace in the case study was given. From the case study, we know about a person’s name was ROBERT L. CRANDALL who was did a good job in AMERICAN AIRLINES.

This is because of his management skills and lead the American Airlines to the success way. He had a good management skill because he gain a lot of experience when he enter American Airlines. Crandall attended fourteen schools in twelve years and then went to the University of Rhode Island.After graduation he served in the Army and then sold insurance in Philadelphia, where he won a scholarship to graduate school in business administration. That education proved very important to his latter career by providing the knowledge base for a variety of managerial jobs. After graduated, he work as a supervisor and he established an automated accounting system and later ended up the computer programming division after resign n went to another company.

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Before he enters American Airlines, he work as assistant treasurer for Trans World Airlines and become an assistant financial officer in the department store chain. Finally, he was entered American Airlines by work as chief financial officer and he became president of the airlines few years later. During his tenure with American Airlines he has become well known for both his innovative thinking and his work habits. In conclusion, Crandall’s management skills were helped American Airlines from crisis and increase sales for American Airlines.

Crandall’s result was told management skills are important because every action was taken by him was related with management and with his trained and experience skills, every action he took was intellect. On the other side, his leadership also helped him a lot in manage his staff to make the company internal systems more smooth so it help Crandall to be success. From the case study, we know management is very important for a company even a small organization. To have a good management skills, experience are important because of Crandall was changed many jobs to gain experience of management.


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