Amer, free along the fault, causing a

Amer, Saad. Secrets of the Ghost Forest. PBS, Public Broadcasting Service, 5 July 2017,

html.After watching the video, type your answers to the questions below. Remember to RACE (Restate, Answer correctly, Cite, Explain) and hit Turn In when you are done.What causes earthquakes? Earthquakes are caused by plates rubbing together It states “the plates broke free along the fault, causing a violent earthquake.” This explains that the sudden friction of plates caused the earthquake.   What causes tsunamis?A tsunami is caused by a plate going upward and making ripple like waves. It states “that same tectonic rupture also drove the edge of the continental plate upward, and triggered a series of huge waves, a tsunami.

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” This explains what causes tsunamis.       What information can be found by examining Earth’s layers? Some information that can be found by observing Earth’s layers is how the plates move. (I can’t cite this so i’ll just explain).

We can look at how the convection currents and mantle move, then we can predict what way the plates move from that.       How did an old-growth rainforest turn into the marsh by the Copalis River? The old-growth rainforest tuned into a marsh by the Copalis River because the ocean tides rose and flooded the marsh. Brian Atwater states, “A tsunami comes in, thats the first thing the forest gets too see.” That means the forest had a sudden rush of water.

 What is the Cascadia Subduction Zone? The Cascadia subduction zone is the North American Plate staying over the subducting Pacific Plate that’s moving under the North American Plate. It states, “But the plates are stuck.” This is explaining that the Pacific Plate couldn’t subduct under the North American Plate at that time.  What story do the three layers tell? What is each layer made up of? The three layers tell a story of change and tell us that the Marsh used to be a rainforest, the sand represents the ocean coming into the forest that later destroyed it. It states “whatever put it here came fast and furious.” This means that they have proved the ocean made the sand layer.

  What are sediment cores? What information can be assembled from them? Sediment cores are samples of sediment from the seafloor of the Cascadia Subduction zone. Lots of information can be assembled from them including earthquake predictions. It states “Analyzing each one, he’s assembled a history of earthquakes going back 10,000 years, and the news is not good.” This means there is going to be an earthquake soon. How often do severe earthquakes strike the Pacific Northwest? In the Pacific Northwest, severe earthquakes strike every 240 years. Chris Goldfinger States, “a 240 year average.” This means a severe earthquakes is supposed to happen at a mean of 240 years.

How likely is it that another massive earthquake will hit the Pacific Northwest within the next 50 years? A massive earthquake in the Pacific Northwest in the next 50 years is a little bit common. Chris Goldfinger states, “Were now 315 years into a 240 year average, and so that drives the probability up quite a bit, it’s up about 37% uh, in the next 50 years” This means were over the due date for another Earthquake, so there is an increased chance of one soon. How can we prepare for this? We can prepare for this by looking at more landforms that have been affected like this. It says “Luckily there is time to prepare.” Which means the more we study how tsunamis and earthquakes work, the more prepared we can be to avoid them. We can also prepare by evacuating earlier and making more shelters.


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