Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Amelia communication, improved management skills and emotional

Amelia communication, improved management skills and emotional

Amelia is an artificial intelligence (AI) that can take on a wide variety of service desk roles in the customer service industries. Amelia can improve and streamline the customer experience. In this case study, I will look at the innovation opportunities and challenges faced by Amelia, also discuss how Amelia developed as a sustainable business model for IPsoft, one that meets the demands of their customer. 1 2.

Launched in 2015, Amelia 2.0 looked to bring great improvement to the automated customer service area. Amelia offers better expression, better channels of communication, improved management skills and emotional engagement. Amelia’s primary aim is for businesses to feel confident to introduce new services, while improving procedure and in turn improving productivity. Amelia most importantly assists customers to bring successful business outcomes and develop new opportunities for the business industries.

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Technologies like Amelia will redefine traditional roles within the workforce, company employees will be free to take on higher-level roles such as data mining. Amelia functions as an extension of a company’s existing workforce, transforming what is possible in the workplace. We transfer the handling of repetitive, often uninteresting yet necessary tasks, from her human colleagues to Amelia. Her human colleagues can then shift their workload to focus on value creating activities that drive higher quality levels of productivity and service.2.

The innovations opportunities of artificial intelligence systems, such as Amelia, are many. Amelia brings computer fast processing to areas previously only dealt with by humans. Just like any smart worker, she learns by watching her colleagues to discover the best courses of action for specific situations. Using her own intelligence, she forms a knowledge map of the interaction she observes so she can apply them herself in similar future scenarios without human intervention.2.


Amelia associates conversations to data and processes it to deliver a personalized service to every customer. 3 Bringing innovations like this into a business can help companies to save time and money, but also give them the competitive benefit of growth, while familiarizing their business in the marketplace. Technological innovations like Amelia will, with time, adapt to take control over jobs that are now done by hundreds of thousands of experienced workers, freeing those workers to concentrate their time and energy to a more resource efficient role. Artificial Intelligence is important technology and there’s no escaping that it will change the way work is done in the future, but as with any hype around new technology, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about AI.


The use of artificial intelligence in business is evolving fast, enabling technologies to perform some tasks previously considered intellectual, in in many cases not only can it perform these duties but can do this with an efficiency as good or in some cases better than humans. Amelia is an artificial intelligence platform that can understand, learn and interact as a human would to solve problems. 4 She now manages tasks in a wide range of industries, from the financial sector, to service industries, energy marketplaces, telecommunications and media. In order to stay competitive modern businesses are now under pressure to fundamentally restructure, business needs to accommodate the pace of technological change to take advantage of the new opportunities this new technology creates. Al is user-friendly, intelligent, and affordable. The advantages of technologies continue to grow as more industries incorporate them. 5


There are many challenges that face both the business using these types of systems and the system itself. The challenges for Amelia being an AI system working in a safety-critical environment can be unique. Amelia requires large initial investment for the average business to adopt a very complex machine based system. The infrastructure required to support a system like this likely means new types of staff, new human resources challenges and large-scale staff retraining programs. There are financial implications to consider, repair and maintenance of the machines incur costs and the software systems will be in constant need of upgrade, keeping the system fast and efficient while ensuring it remains functional in the ever evolving and developing wider scope of software versioning. In the case of severe breakdowns, the implications can mean a loss of customer services, requiring 24hr services to ensure any outage would be as minimally damaging as is possible. A company would have to have strategies to deal with these potential issues in place.


Other challenges for Amelia would be if she cannot address an issue herself, how and who will she escalate issues to for consideration by human colleagues. Where are her boundaries? How are these defined in differing situations and businesses? Like human employees the role in one company may technically be the same, but the policy and approach to these problems can differ from one company to the next. There is no one model for her to follow universally in business approaches. Another reason is the absence of appropriate regulatory frameworks to support the use of AI in these situations. 6 All business must abide by regulation as an industry and the inclusion of intelligent systems is no different. Should we consider Amelia a human employee in terms of employment regulation? No, as she is a machine, but some parts of her role must abide and others fall into other regulatory areas such as data security, HR and finance.


Intelligent machines will have a big impact on how humans’ work and how they do things on a daily basis. Innovators and researchers around the world believe that now is the time for AI systems, but there is a moral need to ensure that AI is beneficial, above all, for humans. There is no doubt there are acceptable reasons to be concerned about machines taking these types of roles, that they could one day do that more intelligent than humans, many experts are ready to take up the challenge, hence the creation and existence of realistic AI solutions in the market like Amelia.


Amelia has the potential to transform the workplace across almost any sector but is still some way from realizing that potential. Artificial Intelligence generates a sustainable business model, developing a competitive advantage through superior customer value. Amelia contributes to sustainability and company development and such innovations develop better organizational, economic, environmental and social performance. The self-learning nature of technologies means they get better and more cost-effective as time goes on. 7


Amelia delivers the most value in a situation where humans need to make lots of similar choices quickly, such as detecting clients situations with high risk and determining the best action. Human error is inevitable in large-scale repetition. A human with access to all the applicable data could make those decisions without Artificial intelligence, but one must accept error where we would expect computation into succeed 100 percent of the time.  Artificial intelligence is the next big thing; both clients and businesses are set to gain a huge advantage from these technologies. Businesses must ensure that they understand the technology and therefore can use AI in the correct way, which is to offer personalized customer experiences. Experiences can be built through AI, but ultimately it is the customers who own those experiences, so it is important to strike the right balance. The biggest value of Amelia is to support humans in big strategic decisions.


Technology in this area has upgraded significantly over the last few years, primarily because of a combination of a massive increase in the availability of data. This wealth of information feeds that artificial intelligence with meaningful training data to improve their models, also the data is in a volume large enough to ensure required guaranteeing quality learning. As with all computation hardware power develops at an astonishing rate, so proportional to the increase in data comes and increase in computational power driving these systems. This curve is exponential, as is the potential to the future of business.


In my opinion, humans believe technologies have taken away jobs from workers, but that is not necessarily accurate. The introduction of machine driven systems has created new jobs in many areas, programmers and technology jobs have seen great growth. People have seen their jobs change, but not necessarily disappear altogether.  As humans become more and more used to digital assistants, showing them tickets, scheduling, appointments and effectively helping to run their lives, we will become familiar with the entire idea of digital collaborators, systems that help us to perform at new levels of intellectual ability. We will go through a period of adjustment as a society in so many ways as concerns excepting Amelia, and other intelligences like her into our lives and our business practices. In terms of business the talk should be of employee freedom in future business, and that of improved customer service and experience. We should not fear Amelia, as she is inevitable, it’s more a matter of if not her then who? If not now when? Lets make sure she improves our working lives and makes job for us, not takes them away. Lets mould this technology with ethics and morality in the front seat not the back. Lets embrace it as a society and ensure regulation is well defined and well considered